Top speed on a uni?

What all have you guys reached, and on what type of uni?

Anyone know the world record top speed for a unicycle?

supposively 16.4 mph or so going downhill with my 29er with 125mm cranks. My top speed function is broken on my cycle computer so I had to look down at it while going that fast…kind of scary. I know others have gone faster, I dont really work on getting a fast top speed.

I bet I can go super fast once I get my 29er!

i know on my coker i have gone over my sprinting speed… and my 100 meter dash time is 11.21… so however fast that is… i dont really know thats with 150s on to


156mph, according to my cycle computer. I think that’s as I fell down the stairs, and the magnet on the wheel actually whacked against the side of the sensor.
More likely it’s around 12mph or maybe a bit more on my 28".

The highest speeds here will probably be from gliding downhill…you can get over 25 mph like that on a 20".

I just put a computer on my 360 coker and hit 23.9 mph max speed and avg 16.7 for just over a mile

I’ve hit 22 on my guni downhill and 21 on a Coker (110m cranks) on the same hill. I can maintain 17.5 on a flat road with my guni. I’d love to test it in the local velodrome, but it’s not THAT local. I regularly hit 19+ on my commute, but just on one downhill area.

The fastest known speed achieved was, I believe, the 29.3 (?) mph of Christian Hoverath while riding down a long hill to catch up to a bike rider. There are a few others who can probably pass 25mph on a pedaled uni (and others who can top 25mph while coasting). Those are REALLY scary speeds.

14.6km/h ( ~8.75mph) thats was on gravel, on my 26" muni with 170’s and it was my maiden voyage, it was my first time on any thing bigger than a 20"

I think my highest speed on a coker with 150 cranks was about 20mph. I’ve had readings on the maximum speed thing that were above 20, like 24 or 25, but I don’t believe them.

I took off my speedo and started ignoring speeds before I put on 110s, so I don’t know what my highest speed is now. I’d guess it’s similar, although the average is up. I think last time I tried I could do somewhere around 14 or 15mph average for about a mile of complete flatness, I can’t remember if that was on the 29er with 125s or the coker with 110s though.

I find it very hard to judge speeds on the coker, sometimes you feel like you’re just pootling along, but then you fall off and are going so fast you have no chance of running it out, whereas other times you’re riding as fast as you can possibly go and you fall off to find yourself comfortably jogging along.

Daytripper63 those are some seriously fast speeds for a new coker rider, are you sure you have the wheel rollout set right, or are you just super fit?


Oh God, put some clothes on before you ride that thing! :astonished:

I find top speeds of over 20mph believable, but not without fairly short cranks. 150s+ just seem to require too much knee motion to go fast.

I can’t be supremely confident of my speedo setup, but I don’t think it can be more than a couple of percent out, and with hundreds of miles of road distances comparing with signs and maps, it seems pretty close.

With my 29er/125s I clocked up to 19.7mph. That was verging on scary, as a lightweight 29 doesn’t have much stability in the wheel.

Shaddowfax, my stock Quax 36 with 125s, and plastic toe-clips, goes up to 20/21 daily, and its record is at 23.8 (downhill with the wind behind, chasing bikes, high on sugar, late for dinner etc…).

I just know I couldn’t run nearly that fast, but with toes clips I don’t fear that my feet might fly off the pedals, and there is enough stability to cruise along above the whirring beast. A brake is nice insurance.

Now I’m down to 110s on the coker, it feels great to swoosh along, but the numbers don’t seem to have got any higher. My usual ride takes the same time. Going up 13% hills is a better workout though!


My fastest is 18.2 MPH and it was touch and go for a second or 2, scary. That’s with 150’s. Hat’s off to the 20 MPH+ guys.

Seth Golub’s uni reached 70 mph while riding from the right lane to the shoulder of Highway 101 this weekend. (KH seat base broken, everything else OK).

Next time, Mike Scalisi will use a bungee.

That’s the fastest I’ve heard of as well, for human-powered unicycling.

I think you meant gliding, though coasting would be (stupidly) possible as well. Brett Bymaster just barely reached 25mph a few times back in his high speed gliding days.

I used to be able to hit 17.5mph on my 24" uni back in my racing days, when I had a Cateye Solar cycle computer on there that did halves. Never managed 18 though. On my 45" wheel I’ve been clocked by cars in the 22-23mph range. Also I believe I’ve gone about that fast on my Coker, but usually like to keep it within running speed.

Back in 1986 or so, Floyd Beattie (now deceased) attended an IHPVA convention and set an official hour time (around 14.86 mi or so) and a 200m speed time. On his hour record he was being a purist and didn’t want to pick up any additional water. He ran out of his original supply and had to stop just before the hour was up to get sick on the side of the velodrome. Otherwise he would have passed the 15 mile mark. Faster hour times have been done since then I believe.

In his 200m speed trap, which was done in both directions to eliminate wind factors, I believe his time came out to a speed of around 23 mph. Both of these marks were set with a brand new 45" Tom Miller big wheel, which he hadn’t had a lot of time to master. But those marks were set under strict conditions, so they are much more solid than most of our informal tests.

I have been riding it 4-5 days a week since it showed up and my rides run between 2-5 miles. This speed was also my first lap around the block so I was power pedaling, shortly after that I took my dog for a run and I started pedaling hard and only hit 19.6 max. When I installed the Computer and did the tire calc conversion I came up with 2827 for my measurement, i dont know if this makes a difference but I have the 360 radial Coker

It should be noted that cycle computers will often spit out incorrect top speeds due to things like a upd where the wheel might spin a rotation or three very quickly.

my max is 17.6 on my coker

OK heres the deal. I inked the tire on my 360 coker and rode across my garage and then measured the ink marks (2770mm) with my 220lb 6’ frame on board, so this way I can get an accurate entry for my cycle computer and then went for a 4.4 mile ride max speed before the overpass I had to go over was 18.8 and after the downside of the overpass when I almost lost it due to over pedaling the downhill I hit 24.2 and I have no desire to do that again (for a few seconds I was planning my pain) but saved it. Once I got back home I drove same route in car and mileage was almost equal to uni computer so I think I got it

299,792,458 miles per second.

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