TOP KH G29 w/ disk-break & Tbar

Hello Everyone,

With this Post, im sadly selling my KH G29, because shortly after i bought the Schlumpf, my life situation has unexpectedly, completly changed inclusive a move from the countryside to the city. Thats why was never really able to ride this amazing Uni :frowning:
The Unicycle is in a TOP condition, here are the facts:

  • The Schlumpf itself is about 7 years old, i bought it 2 years ago from Turtle. He drove it about 1000km, but shortly before he sold it to me, he renewed the bearings. I drove it less than 50km in total, so the Schumpf Hub is almost new!
  • The T-Bar inclusive bell, seatpost, saddle (QX Eleven) and the pedals i have bought new, when i bought the Schlumpf Hub, so they are also almost new!
  • The cranks is one a KH Dual Spirit 127/150 and the other one a KH Moments 150.
  • I removed the standard seat handle and replaced it with a flat cover, that the T-Bar can be closer to the saddle. But i add the complete new original one. (see at the attached pictures)
  • I screwed off all the pins from the pedals, but they are wholly added. (see at the attached pictures)
  • I also add: Tools to mount the cranks and the shift button. I add a bit special Hub Fat and a new silver shift button. (see at the attached pictures)
  • If you wish, i can also add a torque handle for the Schlumpf crank Bolt.

All in all you see, this is really a TOP Unicycle in a very good condition! I really wish, i could ride it on regular base by myself…

The Unicycle is located in Linz/Austria and be viewed, test-driven and bought after an appointment there :slight_smile: But of course i also ship it to all over europe.

For further questions, just text me :slight_smile:

If you have an honest interest, please send me a pm or email to: ester1 (at) gmx (dot) at with an offer :slight_smile:


PS: I only sell the whole unicycle with all parts i described and what are on the pictures :slight_smile:

Its sold now :slight_smile:

seat bumper

Hi Exem,

Where did you get the short front saddle bumper? I am interested in getting one for my muni with handle bar installed.


i think i bought this one:

Got it. Thanks a bunch!

Hi Exem.
I am only 13 and don’t really know how much unicycles like this go for so could you give an estimate of how much you would expect to sell it for? :slight_smile:

Hi Herbie, the unicycle is already sold, sorry… :wink: