Top and Bottom of Video Out of Synch After Render

1st Problem: When I’m rendering my video the top and the bottom are out of synch at times. I’m using Sony Vegas 4.0 and a Kodak Zi8. Some more information that might help is that my camera records in MOV and Vegas doesn’t accept it. So, it’s put through Hamster Free Video Converter then put into Vegas. At the bottom of this page is a picture of what is happening after the video is rendered.

I’m not sure about issues with vegas since I don’t use it, but I do use a Kodak Playsport. My video editing software doesn’t accept MOV either. I use the built in software that comes with the camera (arcsoft Media Impressions) to trim the footage to what I want and then I export it to MP4, which my editing software will accept. I haven’t had any problems with incompatibility since I started doing this. Hope this helps!

I cant see any picture, but I know that Adobe Premiere accepts mov just fine, since it’s what i use, it might be worth giving it a try :slight_smile: