Top 10 Static tricks of 2008

These are many trick clips from 2008 put together in front of one cool graffiti background. Filmed at Nuri skatepark.

Tricks displayed this video-
-Leg Wrap
-180 unispin
-Double Leg Wrap
-90-90 unispin
-360 unispin
-Seat Drop
-Body Varial
-Leg Wrap + Tyre Bodyvarial Mount

Sweet vid, I still can’t get the 360 down … And there’s too much snow to pratice :(. Keep it up!

Try your legwraps when both feets are on the cranks…
Doing legwraps from a mount is way easier then doing legwraps when both feet are on the cranks.

Other then that, its al nice work

Sweet video and impressive skills.

I didn’t see any legwraps in that video, only mounts

nice work!