Tool Question

I did do a search but didn’t get any answers. I want to have a tool kit. I know what I need in allen wrenches, pedal wrench, other assorted ratchet tools, but I’m confused which crank puller(s) I should get. I have two Torkers LX, a Nimbus 24 Muni, and I’m going to be getting a KH29 this summer. Can someone recommend what puller(s) I should have? Also any other tools that you have for general work. I don’t know how to fiddle with spokes so I don’t need a spoke wrench. I also have Magura brakes on the muni. Thanks.

(would it be weird to put my 125 cranks on the 26"?)

If you want to mess with cranks you need a crank puller, Here is the UDC page:

I think you need an ISIS puller (nimbus and KH) and a cotterless puller (Torker). You could skip the second one if you don’t want to mess with the Torker cranks. I have the Parks CCP-4 and it works well for ISIS cranks.

You will need an 8 mm allen wrench with a reasonable handle for the ISIS cranks.

You should have a spoke wrench even if you do not like messing with it. You need to be able to tighten spokes if they loosen. I like the Park spoke wrenches, but I am not sure what size you need. Take it to a bkie shop and ask,

Perhaps a bike pump and a flat kit would be good? I like the pocket-knife type sets of allen wrenches for a portable it.

Have fun on your ride today.

i’d also get some tire levers.

You can get around the two different crank puller issue by using the penny trick. basically the internal diametres of the ISIS and non-ISIS hubs are different, the ISIS being bigger. This means that the ISIS puller won’t fit in the non, and if you use the non on the ISIS it will go down the centre of the hub, thoroughly destroying the interiour thread, ruining your hub. However, if you pu a penny across the end of the axle you can use the non-ISIS on an ISIS hub. Some pullers havea little adaptor piece that does the same thing so you use it on both types.

My experience with tapered cranks is that they’re self-removing!

Who needs a tool?!

I’ve never worked on a general, but there isn’t much that you can’t fix with a hacksaw, a grinder, and an oxy-acetlyene torch.

That being said, the tools I use most are my ratchets and allen wrenches. If you find you need exotic tools to work on your rig, you should consider reworking your setup so it’s easier to service.

Ideally you should be able to carry a small tool or two that’ll allow you to tighten nearly any bolt on your rig whilst on the trail. Allens are great in that respect. With two allen keys, I can tighten everything from the axle bolts to the saddle bolts (and inbetween) on my muni. The only thing I’ve yet to rework is my bearing holders, those need a box end wrench.

If you can read, you know how to fiddle with spokes.

It’s weird to ride a unicycle. Don’t worry about the details. If you’re inspired to do something, do it. Let us know how it works out.


Straight splines don’t really need a tool (like KH/Onza), and some cranks have a “one key release,” which is like a built in tool. Square taper cranks do need a tool.

He was joking :stuck_out_tongue: I’m assuming that he’s had a few square-taper cranks become round-taper cranks in the past.

Not round, just loose and wobbly after a week of learning. The nuts were installed too lose from the factory, I used a socket but no wrench to remove them!
They’re probably damaged now from being loose. We’ll see how that goes.