Took me Muni to the beach , along with the rest of the family

Being in Cornwall at the weekend stying with the rest of my family at a
B&B near a beach I took my Muni for a paddle on saturday ( between a
wedding reception and evening dance). Me and my muni had great fun plying
on the wet sand ( having tryed and failed on the dry sand) fording a
stream and drawing circles in the sand. My family ( apart from Paul and
cousin Tom) spent most of the time trying to ignore me.

Tom on the other had decided he wanted to learn and promptly had a good go
on Pauls Muni on sand, he nearly got the hang of free mounting… I think
the lad will do rather better with a smaller wheel on tarmac some time.

Beaches , I’d forgoten how much hard work they are, but fun.


Euro-cycle 2001 20 - 22 July Plymouth UK A european unicycle convention

We rode on the beach at Santa Cruz after the California Mountain Unicycle
Weekend two years ago and I still remember how much fun it was. Also, at
Redfish Lake here in Idaho the water is six inches deep for many yards
from shore and we like to ride in it when we go up there. Salt water is
probably corrosive and it may be good to give your wheels a shower.
Sometimes sand gets in the pedal bearings but I usually just ignore it
until it goes away.

Idaho Joe