Took long enough

Well I havn’t made a vid in over a year, so I got some footage together of riding up in Fresno, Frisco, Valencia, Rancho…just all over cali lmao. I finally put them together and made a lil viddy :smiley:

You know what, I realize I think this is the first vid I actually edited on my own…I HATE WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER!!! :smiley:

Good movie Cody.
Extreme things, like always from you :wink:
Glad to see you still riding.

PS: should be in video topic

Peter M

Lol been so long since I posted a video wasnt sure hehe

Wow you’ve really improved! Enjoyed it.:slight_smile:

Thanks Terry I was hoping you would recognize a clip from there…

From where? :thinking:

Lol Balboa, one of the lowquality shots, straight from Strials :wink:

Ah ok. Where we had the Uni roundup. cool.

That last bit looks a bit much for me, I wouldn’t even walk along there. I would be to scared of falling off.
Great video though, it is good to see the shots of you coming off and the seeing you land the trick.
LOL at “fart university”

Um, I dont quite know what you ment by that lol. Could you reword it? Ohh and the Fart university was a blank of arts university, I cant quite remember the beginning of it, but it was where we were staying at lol, we were crashing in a dorm with some friends lmao

He means he liked seeing you fall then go land the trick.

Picture 8.png

heheh ohhh, thanks pence. and yes, that would be the fart university :smiley:

Haha nice.

I liked the bigish spin down the stair set, and the yellow posts line around the fire hydrant…

New link to it…

I honestly dont think I would survive…

thanks to spencer I learned of a nifty lil place with better video quality lmao

Dirty Bird on Vimeo!!!

Great riding in that video! I like how you’re throwing street moves into trials lines. Blows my mind.

I loved the three sets of stairs in a row. The crankflip, unispin, then 360. Very nice. You made that 360 look nice, kind of corkscrewed. Also, nice clip of a girl in a washing machine/dryer!
There no way you’d catch me riding on a wall with a crop that size. Makes me feel bad just seeing it!

hahah thanks guys, trials style street is what I have always liked, if you notice I dont do one flip trick(trey flips 5th hicks whatever) I never really liked them, im just too old school =p Ohh and that girl in the dreyer, thas my g/f :smiley: