Too short for a 36"

I was just wondering if some one can be to short for a 36". And if not how does height affect riding a big wheel?

Well, if your legs aren’t long enough, then you would be too short for one, so it is possible to be too short. UDC (unicycle dot com) lists 29 inches as the minimum inseam for a 36 inch titan. Check out this video, if this kid can ride one, you are probably tall enough.

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The really short cranks are necessary there.


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Wow question answered. this site has really opened my eyes to the possibilities out there.

While what the girl in the video can do is extremely impressive rest assured that some people are too short to ride a 36er.

For example, I’d have to do some serious frame modifications to allow my wife to ride a 26er. Think attach the seat directly to the horizontal bar on the frame level of modifications. A 24" with 125mm cranks is about as “large” as she can comfortably go. Increase the wheel size or lengthen the cranks and she has problems reaching.

I have a 29" inseam & a size 8.5 foot. (male) My KH 36 seat is all the way down & I use the 125 holes on the cranks. This configuration is a reasonably comfortable ride but going to the 150 holes becomes a bit of a stretch.

There are ways to get things done to a 36’er that can get some pretty short people riding (evidenced by aaron’s supplied video)

The one problem with being shorter is having the ability to free mount comfortably. I need to do a pretty good leap up onto the seat or a running mount, both of which can lead to some fairly spectacular dismounts over the front of the uni.

Once your up and riding they’re lots of fun but getting there can be a chore.

Lol, what is she, 2 feet tall?

@aarons, thanks!

I’m 5’2" and ride a 36er. As people said you might have to modify the frame and run shorter cranks but I modified the frame and can run 150s or shorter. Be careful what 36er you purchase so that you do have the room for any necessary modifications.

As Harley said free mounting is somewhat of a challenge but a jump or rolling mount is doable with practice.

a “holding onto a pole or tree” mount can make things very easy.

The fun is in the riding!

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Thanks for that Billy,
but people do forget the obvious sometimes…

Sadly I am having problems mounting my 29 first thing in morning and have to use a variation… Don’t know what the problem is but just don’t get it. After that it’s ok, just the first mount of the morning.

And I’m not even short :o

“Be careful what 36er you purchase so that you do have the room for any necessary modifications”

ally1776 is correct here. I’m not sure which ones are easier to work with as far as frame mods go (there have been threads created on this) but the option of crank changes is probably greater (and cheaper) with a uni running a square tappered crank.

"a “holding onto a pole or tree” mount can make things very easy.

The fun is in the riding!"

Thanks for this sage advice Billy!!!. This of course is the go to mount at any time for any size uni, & is guaranteed to get you up & having fun. :smiley:

I am a fairly small male. A 30-31 inseam, 5’7 or 5’8". I fit OK on my Oracle 36 on the 150 cranks with maybe an inch to spare using large soled shoes. I plan to ride mainly with my 127 cranks though. I did not need to cut the 200mm post.