Too much Twisting on MUni

I’ve got the Yuni MUni with 170s and KH Saddle. I’ve noticed lately that the machine will twist to left and right more than I like. Then I’m riding along with left shoulder thrust forward.

Other unis dont do this. Probably because of smoother nature of riding 29er or giraffe.

Is seat too low/high? Is KH too narrow at the narrows? Is it me?

Anyone else get this?

It happens to me occasionally that the uni twists to one side and there’s been a few posts from others on it too.

Usually it occurs after a change of tyre or seat height and goes away of it’s own accord by the next day.

I’ve never ridden 170’s but would imagine that they could exagurate a tendency to twist.

Are you sure that it is not a tracking problem that you are compensating for? I had a problem with my Yuni Muni pulling to one side and found myself constantly twisting to keep it going straight. I found that the fork legs were not parallel to each other. If this is the problem, it is pretty easy to check and correct. l
Look here:

A friend of mine has a uni that pulls really hard. I think his does it because the wheel dish is very bad. maybe check that?

Re: Too much Twisting on MUni

It has most likely become magnetized form repeated impacts with the earth. Strange, brass usually has no effect…

(I’m of the ‘it’s probably the long cranks’ school… they were those high-Q aluminium jobbers, ya? I highly recommend having Tommy look at the wheel when he would rather be cycling; even if it’s not the wheel, you’ll have accomplished something.)


Re: Too much Twisting on MUni

My Nimbus Frame twists badly when going up hill causing the tire to rub. I
think it’s just because of the frame design.


Thanks Krash, the thread is a good one. Since so many refer to the Yuni frame (as is mine), I suspect this is it.

Christopher, I’m trying to get Tommy to spend MORE time on one wheel, not less. For your information: Tour d’Wolf is 6.6 miles. I used the aforementioned Yuni MUni to jump over the Mississippi River yesterday. Felt just like Evil Kneavel. I’ll ask Grandmaster 2T to post pix on MUC.

M-Mud; was your twisting problem a bent frame or something else? I have the similar problem of sort of fighting against a tendency to head to the left and thrusting out my right shoulder. I thought it might be my frame after reading the thread replies but I got a new KH24 recently and I find I still do this (especially when I get tired). I suspect it’s lousy technique but, as I am self taught and have no “coach” or even anyone else to watch and learn from, I don’t know what I need to do to remedy this (or if it is normal riding behaviour)… Suggestions please, Oh Great Masters of the Single-Wheel? :thinking:

I regret to say I haven’t had the time to look into this. We’ve had a heck of a storm here in Mtown. Then there’s work. Then there’s two kids. Then we just got back from 6flags in St. Louis.

I promise I’ll check soon.