Too many Flats...what to do?

When I went riding the other day, I had a flat caused by a rather large thorn. When was loading the flat uni into the car, I noticed another thorn. After patching the first two, I water tested the tire and found two more holes. I assume thorns also caused those flats.

Question time:

Do any of you used any sort of tire goop to prevent the air loss in the case of puncture? How well do they work?

Do any of you use those tube protecting strips? How do those work? The thorns that stick my tire was about an inch long each and very sharp. In fact, my dad went riding at the same place yesterday and got a flat from a thorn that went straight through two layers of that protecting strip.


I used slime when i used to mountain bike in the caribbean. There were thorns all over the place called ‘kasha’ or akaisha(sp).
I didnt have a choice not to use anything or else i wouldnt be able to ride. Those damn thorns would give cars flat tires!

So its been a while since ive lived there and had to use slime. But as i remember it did the job pretty well. Of course, it makes your tire heavier. I would give slime a 8 out of 10 from my experiences with it. What kind of riding are you doing?

Im sure there is a lot of new stuff that has come out since my experience so i am probably pretty outdated.

Good luck, man!

This was on my road cycle. It’s a 26er with a Nirve Badass Tire (slick). The thorns I’m having problems with are from a tree called Keawe. I think it’s similar to akaisha, the trees look alike. How much do you use? Do you leave the thorn in, or pull it out?


You could try these NoTubes (link)
I’ve got one I haven’t yet put on my MUni, we don’t have giant thorns here.:smiley:

slime works very well. some bike shops have a vat of it to spray into your tube.


I used 'Slime" in my motorcycle for off road use. I have never had a flat with a ‘Slimed’ tire and I have picked up some pretty major torns.


I’ve only had moderate success with Slime. For me, it’s always been a temporary fix.
I don’t know about anyone else, but when I used the slime in my tires, it only lasts for a little bit and then the seal goes again. I had it happen in the middle of a 5K charity race I was doing (it was a running race, but they asked me specifically to ride it on my unicycle to give some variety).
I got up that morning to find out that I had a thorn in my tire (and this was a “thorn resistant” tube). I already had goop in my tire, and so pumped up the tire again. I then proceeded to ride it for a while to make sure the seal was fine. No problem.
So I got to the race and rode for about 5 minutes. Then the seal gave out and I got the same flat again. I tried pumping up the tire, but it kept deflating. So I started pushing my unicycle for a few minutes. The slime then sealed the tire again and I was able to pump up my tire and finish the race. But all this was after I’d lost plenty of time off the clock.
So use slime at your own risk. My MUni has a Kenda Kolossal tire and a Duro heavyweight downhill tube. I’ve never got a flat with that setup, and I was getting a flat sometimes three times a month with my other uni (stupid Goathead thorns!) The Duro tube weighs quite a bit, but is just so massively thick!

I never knew about goat head thorns until almost every tire on the entire family’s bikes and the Burley trailer went flat after a ride in Goat Head country. What a pain!

Flat prevention is definitely something to keep in mind when riding in thorn-rich areas.

I sprung for a self-sealing tube. Ran about 5 bucks at Wal*Mart. It came pre-slimed.

Well there is a very simple solution just quit uniing.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: No, i have had some good luck with slime it always works for me. But you could always get one of those heavy duty preslimed tubes like sockmonster said and get some of those tire strips, except these thorns sound prettythick so all that might not work.

tyre shield is GOOD

Hey all, i live in Bathurst Australia and here we have the dreaded catseye or bathurst bur. I went for a product called tyre shield and havn’t had a problem since. You need to pull the thorn out to let the escaping air draw the latex rubber into the hole (up to 3 mm in diameter- i rode over a nail in mine and it still worked) which then sets permanenty. I put this in my freestyle unicycle- which i used to ride around town till i got my Muni. And didn’t notice a difference in weight you only need 60 ml for a 20x 1.75" . So yeah i’m not sure if you can get it overseas but if you can i definately reccomend it, it is best to use in conjuction with a thornproof tume as well.

I’ve used slime with mixed results. The best sealer that I’ve used is called “tractor and implement” tire sealer. I purchased mine at a small farm tractor dealer. Most shops that do lawn mower repairs may also stock it. It is a dark gray liquid that comes in a plastic bottle. It is quite a bit thicker and grainier than slime and works much better. It also comes in a larger container than slime and costs less. This is the only sealer that I found to work in my motorcyle tires when I was racing them offroad with only 10-12 pounds of pressure

I have had VERY VERY good experiences with the Stan’s kit.
It comes with a rim strip so that you can make you wheel tubless!

I use it religously on my mountain b*ke - and I have pulled out as many as 30 thorns at one time and lost NO noticable air pressure. Before using Stan’s I got 6 flats in 5 rides all within the first 4 miles of riding (and 3 flats is 2 much for this 1).

I have gotten 2-3 flats though. The reason: I hit very sharp rocks with a lot of speed on the rear tire. I was riding WTB tires. The WTBs had large areas where there was no thick rubber (think where the knobs are not present) and rocks could get into this area.

However, I picked up some tires from Walmart (26X1.75) and found that I was faster, I had more traction because the hook up better, and I could ride miles and miles through mud without too much mud accumulating on the side of the tire (and locking up). Also, the Walmart tire had thick rubber (tread) all the way around the center of the tire - and I have not gotten a flat from a rock since I upgraded the tire.

Another thing with the tubless system is that it may be possible to roll the tire off of the rim enough to lose air. In that senerio you will hear it, and see the liquid latex burst out. It will seal by the time the wheel comes to rest. However this may be a problem on MUni/freestyle Uni where there are a lot of gaps to the side.

I am running a GAZZ and I will go with tubless after my first flat. Or, I will upgrade to Stan’s if I figure I am going to MUni for a very long ride. My experience with the Stan’s kit is that it seems to be the best product. It really can do what you see it do on the web site

Installation is kindof notsopleasant. I just took my wheels to a bike shop and had them do it because I am impatient and when one is sealing a wheel for the first time it is better to have a lot of air (think more than a gas station air pump) provides. However, I have heard it is possible to do it with a floor pump. Good luck!

While riding yesterday I managed to get another flat due to another thorn. This time, I left the thorn in and the tube was able to retain enough pressure for me to ride back to my car.

I ended up getting a tube pre-filled with some type of slime. The tire is sold under the Specialized name. I’m not sure who makes the tube or the goop in it.

I hope that was the last time I have to dismount my tire due to a thorn. That tire is a pain in the @$$ to remove.

For all those who care, here’s a pic of the thorn that embedded itself in my tire yesterday.


What is that coin next to the thorn and how big is it?


its a quarter and is a little less than 4cm in diameter, i think.

A quarter is actually 2.4cm (24mm) or 15/16 inches.

It is a US Quarter (25 cents) and about the size of a standard beer bottle cap.

hehe, i didnt have a quarter or a ruler

I use tire liners on my mountian bike that I don’t ride anymore. When using these I didn’t get any more flats. I found some at Performance Bicycle on sale. Check out this thread.