Too many flats... here's one solution.

It might get messy if you occationaly change tires. And tube sealants only work for smallish holes, ~3/8" and bigger will likely not work. Those biggish holes can often still be fixed w/ a patch but there is no way of saving the tube if it had sealant in it. It wouldn’t work well if you don’t roll a lot, like trials (but it might if you ride a ways before/after).

They’ve usually worked well for me in the past, but I’ve only used them to fix a flat and they make the wheel heavier (noticeably more-so than a lightweight vs a heavy duty tube). Quite a while ago I got a flat on my MTB and put some fix-a-flat in it and it worked great. All tubes leak a bit of air over time, but after that, it was practically nill. If I didn’t ride it for a few days it felt out of balance for the first mile or two, and if it had been two weeks, it’d be REALLY annoying at first and not go away for a couple of days.

I run a heavy duty tube on my Muni w/ a punkture proof strip for thorn and I’ve never had a flat on it. I run a low enough pressure (12.5 -13 psi) that I occationaly hit the rim.

I ran over some trampled barbed wire on my tubeless muni the other week; it hissed briefly, then there were four little blobs of white going round on the tyre, then nothing. I haven’t touched it since, it’s still fine.

Tubeless can be a bugger to install sometimes if you have a porous tyre or it doesn’t seat properly, but when it does something like let you ride over barbed wire it’s great!


Tire Saver update

It’s been quite a few months now, and I haven’t had a flat since I put the tire saver on my uni. I only realized this when, the other day, I was deflating my tire to rotate it. I had this weird feeling that I couldn’t remember ever rotating my tire, and then I remembered. I didn’t have to rotate my tire because i was getting so many flats the tire just got rotated on its own.

Of course I don’t have any data to show that the tire saver works, it’s all anecdotal, but no flats is a good start. I have been commuting on the same route as before, only now I am not getting one or two flats a week. Maybe the city has stepped up their street cleaning… I don’t think so. The only difference that I can ascertain is the tire saver.

So, if you want a lightweight option for reducing your flats and you are using a road tire, the tire saver is simple, light, cheap, and it works.

P.S. it works fine going backwards. it just makes a little hum sound. going forward it is pretty quiet, almost silent.