Too hot to ride...

It is so dang hot today (another round of 110+) that I decided to run over to home depot and buy a window AC! ( I bought my house 4 years ago and have NEVER before needed ac!) They have a 6,500 btu for $129 so I grabbed one. I installed it in my bedroom so at least now I should be able to sleep since last night I tossed & turned in 85 degree humidity! My regular floor fan just blows the hot air around! So now it’s off to work then to performance bike to buy a headlamp, then to the movies for Clerks ll! (More air conditioning in the theater…YEAH!):smiley:

It’s cooler here today…only 97. I just rode a little bit but I have a cut in my foot that isn’t healed yet and, well it hurts when I hit things with it:(

I’m not hurt too badly, just the usually bruised shins, but it’s really hot here too. I want to goo street riding at the mall late tonight when it cools down.

Ouch! Take care of that. Maybe put some antibiotic creme on it.:slight_smile:

he’s been soaking it in soapy water.

edit: do you ahve neosporene? that stuff works like a miracle.

Yeah that’s good too.

Heh, I stopped with the soapy water a few days ago. I have that antibiotic cream stuff that I have been caking on constantly. It looked all scabbed up and good today so I rode. 360 unispins hurt really bad though, so now my shoe is off and more antibiotic stuff is back on.

it was so hot a foew days ago, I went to guitar center and read a books and played guitar and drums for like 4 hours.

how did you cut it? kicking over your bc again?

I feel ya, TBW. It breaks 105 on a regular basis here…I have to wait till after dark to even have a chance of riding comfortably. By some miracle, it made it down to 80 yesterday afternoon, so I got in a solid 2 hours of riding.

I can’t wait until winter again.

i finally got 661s my family does this this little fishing pond thing for our reunion and my grandma gets everyone a gift and thats what i got. stinks though cuz my uni is at our cabin so i cant ride.

That’s harsh man! I wish they made 661’s in beige or gray because black absorbs all the heat! :angry:

At least you have electricity to run AC. Apparently there are blackouts around here, although I’ve only noticed because my cable TV/Internet service was completely out last night and this morning.

where do you live in california? I’ve been having blackouts almost every day.

I have had at least 2 blackouts so far that I have noticed. It sucks when I am on the computer and it just goes black:(

this mornig up here in canada it was almost cold, when i went out for my morning ride I steped out and debated wheather or not to go get a sweatshirt!! I’m guessing things’ll heat up in a few days. untill then I riding as much possible in the nice weather:p

ride in the morning

I’ve started riding early in the morning (0630) before it gets hot. After coming home and spending time with the kids, I am usually too tired in the evening, and the morning is usually cooler anyway.

It’s also nice and quiet, with not much traffic.

I’m not a “morning person”, so getting up early has been an “interesting” transition. If I can do it, anyone probably can.


It’s the hottest summer that I can remember here.

However, still cool enough to ride in the evening. Actually OK to ride in the day with plenty of water.

Biggest peeve - too many holiday makers - who all think they are absolutely hilarious after a day on the beach and a couple of drinks in the evening. :roll_eyes:


Hydrogen Peroxide.

People says it stings, but I think it tickles, and it cleans out cuts like no other.

Unicycle. Unicycle.
Clerks II is hilarious!!!