Too hot to Muni

We’re too lazy to get up at four in the morning and throw down a quick muni ride, and it’s way too hot in the afternoon. That leaves us to dink around at the Mt. Venice practice area for an hour or so before dark. Problem is you end up trying jackass lines out of boredom and stupidity. Don will post some pics of just this kind of thing. It’s still a fantastic practice area in a stunning place, 100 yards from the beach. If I had any discipline I’d go to the gigantic parking lot by the big hill and learn a few more freestyle tricks.



This might hurt.

Wishing Large Marge was larger

Don at the grassy roll out beneath the practice hill at sunset. Truly gorgeous.

How hot is too hot?

Too Hot to MUni

It is good that you still ride even when it is hot. Trials compliments MUni very well. I live in Israel and it is dam hot here in the summer. Today we started riding in the hills at 5:30 this morning. By 7 I was really sloppy falling on stupid little shit because it was just so hot. It has been 102F or 38C here for the past week. Two days ago at night we rode trials by this outside shopping mall. After two hours of riding we sat down on the steps and had some beers. My friend Nimrod wrang out his shirt and was able to fill a 330ml beer bottle with the sweat he collected!


I only wish we had southern California weather here in Huntsville, Alabama! Try mid 90’s F with a heat index well over 100 degF (i.e. very, very high humidity!). As a California boy myself I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the humidity here in the Deep South. No fun. Yet, for some reason I’m still going out for epic muni rides in the 13-19 mile range on fairly technical, rocky, rooty single track. But these rides would leave me almost on the point of heat exhaustion. Yeah and UPDing on stupid things just because your so baked and legs just get all weak! I just carry a hydration pack filled with ice, but even so that lasts only for so long… I’ve built a pretty cool trials type course in my yard and am just doing some shorter muni rides at night. I’m just going to wait till fall to any real long muni around here…

Thought this thread title sounded familiar.

It’s too hot when you have to spend more time cooling down than riding.

It’s too hot when you have to cut your ride short because you’ll overheat and end up in trouble if you try to finish it.

Nice guys! My backs healing and doing pretty good. Was on a uni for the first time yesterday for the parade here at NAUCC and it felt great to finally be on a uni again. Also played some disc golf for the first time since my accident and that also felt great! Can’t wait to ride with you guys again…hopefully within the next couple of weeks!

Great shots - that’s going huge John! Hot weather can make a ride really really hard. We’ve been lucky up here lately. Sunday’s ride temp in Santa Cruz was so perfect. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 91 when we hit the trails at 5:30…we’ll see.

Jamey, that is great to hear you’re riding a little and shooting the discs! Congratulations and heal fast (but don’t overdo it too much!)


Jamey, glad to hear you’re healing. Don’t get too into disc golf now, it seems to have been tempting many-a-rider in California as of late.

Too hot eh? Yeah, it’s been pretty rough here up in SF, too. We had a high of 72 today, and tomorrow’s is a deadly 74. The windchill only makes it worse. Sometimes it’s even so bad that the fog clears and you get a glimpse of the sun. On those days I just have to stop whatever hard work I had planned and take off my jacket.

John, at least it’s not humid. I spent 8 years in Atlanta, Ga, and that kind of heat puts Cali heat to shame. Philadelphia is no picnic either, but it’s damn nice once the sun goes down.

High temperature is okay, it’s the high humidity that kills you. You ride, you sweat, water is humid already, your sweat doesn’t evaporate, you stay hot, you suffer, you can’t think, you fall down, meh…

The temperature is around 32 degrees celcius here, but the humidity usually stays at around 80%. Which is just terrible. So, I try to limit myself to freestyle and flatland, jumping gets your head spinning way too soon. Still, even then I have to take breaks all the time and I end up with clothes sucked in sweat. It also blows for stand-up wwing, because your legs can’t grip the saddle properly, and you keep slipping.

Oh well, another one and a half months…

And that’s a problem? DG is a great passtime when your not riding. I’ve got several friends who don’t ride uni but play disc. Gives me something to do with them.

I think I’m going there (venice mountain) today to try some different lines, and get video of me doing the same drop as in John’s pic above!