Too good to be true. Nimbus unicycles on Amazon. what's up?

Has anyone seen the seller that (supposedly) sells used like new Nimbus unicycles on Amazon as a third party seller?
Yes, I know it’s too good to be true and must be a skam…
I’ve even gone as far as sending an email, asking for a picture. No picture. and they don’t answer any of the questions I ask.

For example, pick a size, any size, they’re all 500.00, that includes the 24" muni, 26" muni, hatchet, the 29" muni, nimbus giraffe.

No, I’m not going to bite. But it briefly had me wondering about a hatchet.

The response I got from the email sounds like they’re from another country and don’t have a full grasp of the english language. But I still wonder… How do they get away with it.

Maybe it is just you. I see a whole range of Nimbus unicycles on Amazon with prices comparable to UDC.

Never mind, they’re all removed. They were all by the same seller for 500 each. Even the nimbus unicycles that cost less than 500 normally.

Why would you order from amazon, when you can get them all from UDC? :thinking:


the only reason was that the Amazon (too good to be true price ) on a Hatchet was 500.00. the udc price is almost 1000.

I was going to say “Prime”, but after a (brief) search, the only Prime unicycles were from Diamondback and other vendors. Surely that’s a strong incentive for Amazon shoppers. On another brief search, it looks like all the Nimbus unis I looked at ship to me in Sacramento for $40 US, even the giraffes! That’s not bad.

There are crooks in the world, no doubts about that. But that they would try to get in the ultra niche world of high-end unicycle is beyond me…
But clearly it didn’t take too long to expose those. Hey, we’re a small tight-knit community, and we’re all aware of what’s going on around the world, around our world.
Nice to have one-wheel family keeping an eye out for each other across the globe.