Too Big?

Hey. i have an inseam (or whatever its called) of about 28" (from the crotch to the floor right?). is a 29" unicycle to big for me??? thanks

I dont think so, you can cut the seatpost really short and it should be okay, my inseam isn’t 28" so I can’t really say but a 29" unicycle shouldn’t be too big.

cool thanks. so whats your opinion about what brand of unicycle i should get. i am 11 years old and weigh about 77 or 78 pounds. i want it to be under 300 dollars but a quality uni. im looking for a 20 inch and a 29 inch as you can see from the other posts ive had. thanks

well, if you want a quality unicycle and under $300, I would suggest the Nimbus 29" or a 20" both are good quality but both are just over $300. Both are really good, like others said in other conversation, the Nimbus are good and cheap.

I have a ~29" inseam, and have had to shorten both the seat post and the the neck of the frame on all my 29" and 36" unicycles. It’s worth the effort.

cool thanks so much! i just remeasured my inseam and its 29. so do you think i should get a 29" or a 36"?

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I suggest a 29" then a 36".

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so once i get older i get the 36? thanks