Tony Melton's Uninats vid comp entry - trials/street

oh yeah thanks Reef… :frowning:

From take off to landing it looks like a 360, but ill give it to you. =p

Luke that is supa awsemo… Ridiculous… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Awsome riding by all.:slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but it is definetly not just a 360, look at this

Sorry, threadjack is over, I love you Luke, and you too Keven, and you too Tony, and you too Jerrick, even if I don’t know any of you (yet) !


It’s good to see Tony in a vid again, I just wish his segment was a bit longer.

Luke, you are amazing! I can’t say it enough times :sunglasses:
Your UPD was real funny:p

Your vids are great as well. At first I thought it looked like 360 as well, now it looks like 450 (which Lukes looks like it could be also, but it’s hard to tell w/o slo-mo).

No way. His is way better than Lukes. If you luck at Lukes take off and landing, he just does a perfect 360. Lukes fakie 540 was much better than his one down the 4. No offence Luke. But I think Hugo’s 540 was much cleaner and definetly fuller than Lukes.

I loved that video. Kevin is really good at trials. and Lukes riding was great as usual. And this is the first video I’ve seen from Tony, and I liked it, but there should have been more of him.

Whats this stuff about Luke? I wasn’t mentioning or comparing anything to him. lol

Crazy unicyclists…

All I was saying was that the 540, for me, at first, comma, looked more like a 360 with a 90* twist on take off and landing.

Don’t get upset.

I didn’t say you mentioned him though. I was comparing the two…

Almost time for the 09 Uninats video comp, whos entering?

i reckon that joe and i might be able to do something if i ever get time off from fighting fires… i’ve got a fair bit of footage and he does too so we should be able to enter something.