Tony Melton's Uninats vid comp entry - trials/street

Here’s Tony’s video entry. Featuring me and Luke, and Tony of course.


Now this was a great movie.
Great moves from Luke (and the rest to offcourse)
And good to see some footage of Tony Melton again.

Peter M

I loved the video, specially the 540s, the one long grind, and the trials.

I loved all the street… Incredible!

And I know what you mean about lesbian jelly wrestling.


Nice 540 on the 4 set. Some sweet lines in there.

Nice work to all of you ! Keep it up!


P.S. Luke, do you let me the 540 5 set please ? :o (No sarcasm)

That was really good. I was gonna use that song for my next video…

Lukes riding was my favourite because it was soo smooth.

great vid

luke, you are insane! the big handrail was so clean, and when you did 180 off it, i had to gasp!
sweet handrail with rev off too. and all the great flips

nice trials lines of you keven and tony

540 down the 4 set was sick. luke is amazing

What a rude thing to say :roll_eyes: amazing video, great skill from all riders but especially Luke! It’s so good to see you 180 out the 9set grind, damn sweet vid :wink:

It’s the first time I see Luke bail… Awesome… :stuck_out_tongue:
I wanna ride in Australia…

You guys are amazing.

Is that Melbourne?

I plan to study abroad in Australia next year and Melbourne has a University I could attend. From that video it almosts looks as though the area was built with unicyclists in mind haha.

(…and after looking at the map of Australia on this site, it looks as though that area has the highest unicyclist population)

That was awsome!!! :astonished:

He should apologise


The song really worked with the riding too (what is the name of the song though?)

Really loved the 180 off the 9 set, that was sweet. Also cool flip up the 3 set to 5th flip.

Nice trials by Kevin!

Jerk it out by the caesers. or something like that

5/5… well done everyone on the video entries they were really good… and luke i can’t believe you didn’t get a 3rd, 2nd or 1st in the video comp thats really stupid…

btw. are you making any more video because i heard that someone was going to bring out another dvd like defect?
if so please reply =]


Fixed. The rest of Australia sucks for riding. Or is that just Townsville?

Hahaha, lesbian jelly wrestling.

Hi Tony, Luke and Kevin.

Sick video.

That was awesome! Some awesome trials lines Kevin! And Luke those rail grinds were so clean! Keep it up

He didnt mean it

Of course no ! I love Luke, he is an inspiration to all of us. It’s just because I 540 a 4 set like a week ago, and with Emile we were kidding and said Oh I’m sure Luke will do it and post it just before you. Guess what happened ! :roll_eyes:

Again guys, nice work !


EDIT : Here it is for the curious…