Tony Melton

Hey, just thought I’d get your attention. I’m making a movie and I remembered your kickass video clips you posted awhile back. Do you think you could possibly send me any footage of you riding on a Mini DV or VHS or VHS-C tape? It’s gonna be a free video, and you can check out more stuff if you search the forum for it.

Oh and also, I realized I don’t have much, if any, MUni footage. So if you have a bunch of that… Andrew Carter, or anyone else who I’ve already talked to, email me!


I have a feeling that Tony is somewhere between NZL and the USA right now. I wouldn’t expect a reply too soon.

Check your PM’s- I’ll send you his email address.


I have quite a bit of footage of Tony on MiniDV but it’s spaced over a few different tapes. I know we discussed this before…it would probably be easier to send it uncompressed on CD to you, then I could easily compile the clips. Yes, I’ll send you some muni footage if you want. How soon do you want it? I’m really busy at the moment with end of semester exams at uni.

So yes, with Tony’s permission I’ll send you some footage of him. What styles in particular? I’ve got a bit of everything in the Tony department.

I’ve followed your good example and decided to make my DVD free (or just the cost of shipping) to overseas people. They would have to pay enough as it is.


Hmm… Thanks. I saw his name on the users list the other day so I thought I’d try to get his attention but I guess I missed him.

Hey Zach - you got my attention alright!

I have some video footage of myself riding, but most of it was taken on digital still cameras. This means its probably not suitable for DVDs - I think. There are various videos of me in my gallery . I have a VHS videotape of the TV One 6pm news article on me (PAL format) which might be of use (you could remove the original soundtrack, and add your own maybe).

Andrew Carter probably has the best collection of footage of me on miniDV. You have my permission to use what you want, as long as I get a copy of the finished film. :smiley: Good luck with your film project, Zach.

I’m arriving on Friday in Colorado. Muni trails - here I come!


Tony - I was afraid most of your stuff would be on digital still cameras as it was before… However, if Andrew can send me footage that would be fresh. Do you think you could make a stop in Tucson Tony? :slight_smile:

Andrew - Well, Jeff Groves will be gone for a month, and Dan just got a new frame and I don’t think he’ll have his camera for awhile, Sabin is just about to buy his camera, and Jess Riegel is in the process of filming, so you’ve got some time. Those are the other people I’m waiting on for footage… and then I’m going away for the month of August… So, not that I’m trying to say it’s anyone’s fault (I express my vast appreciation that those guys are even committed still to sending me footage for my video), but realistically and unfortunately I don’t think much editing of this video will get started/finished until September. However, when it does get finished… I have a feeling it will own because there are a ton of riders who haven’t been featured in any videos before. With the addition of you and Tony I think it would be that much better.

If you could send me a bunch of MUni footage for a section of you and whoever else you have (doing MUni), and then some of Tony’s insane street stuff he used to post, that would rule. Please send whatever is easiest. I just haven’t used Final Cut yet so I have no idea what it can do, but seeing as how it’s a top of the line program I have the feeling it could import your files.

Thanks a lot Andrew. PM me when you want my address.

Everyone who I get footage of will get a copy of the video free of shipping costs, btw. So… totally free. :sunglasses: