Tony Melton on primetime national TV news!

I just about choked on my Coffee when I was half-heartedly watching the 6 o’clock news tonight. I saw this wheel being ridden along a wall…I looked closer and turned the volume up and sure enough it was our very own Tony Melton!

It was a good three minute segment with an interview interspersed between shots of Tony doing stairs, drops and some pretty cool urban street stuff!

No I didn’t have time to stick the tape in but will tape the late news tonight in case they show that segment again.

That’s probably the best unicycle segment I’ve seen on prime time 6 o’clock news so far! Good on ya Tony!


Yep, it was me. I was going to post here earlier that I was on TV tonight, but I forgot about the 3 hour time difference between NZ and Australia. (I’m in Brisbane right now). I’m glad at least one kiwi rider saw it!

The TVNZ guy who interviewed me will send me a tape of the article so I can relive my 15s of fame again and again!


I taped the whole thing, I’m just trying to sort out how to work my old TV capture card…

Congrats Tony!
I always knew you would be a star.
-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

I’ll just leave it till tomorrow and I’ll plug my VCR into my laptop via a digital video camera. So the rest of world should receive delayed coverage of NZs most extreme uni rider!

hey, that will be very cool, Pete! Looking forward to seeing it!


That was more like three minutes than 15secs. Which puts you in negative balance. You will pay for it later :wink:

Damnit, I missed it. I can’t be bothered sitting around watching TV all day so I haven’t been watching the news. I have heard from quite a few people who saw it though, asking me if I had seen it. Good on ya Tony!

I won’t be able to get hold of a digital vid camera till wednesday so I’ll upload it when I get the chance. Shame my TV Capture card seems to have died…

Damn it!! I got all the equipment together and had it all ready to go and just found out that someone taped over it! :angry: