Tony Melton famous yet again

Sheesh, as if national TV wasn’t enough,

There is a big photo of Tony hopping on giant balls at the NZ Unicycle weekend. In fact there is a full page article on the NZ Unicycle Weekend in the latest issue of NZ MTBker Magazine .

No, I’m not scanning it (copyright), but NZ unicyclists can check it out at their LBS (local book shop). It’s very nicely written.


Right on Tony! You’re becoming the NZ KH!

Oo Den, Krees Ome?

Re: Tony Melton famous yet again


It would be a shame for you to scan that photo and e-mail it to me. I might accidentally post it in another thread without mentioning your name anywhere in the post.

Your photo is on the same page, too Ken! It is a bit smaller, though. Have a look on page 39, in case you missed the Nimbus MUni in the new products section.


Yeah, they should have done a product review of the Nimbus.

Your pic would make a good poster too