Tony & Alex - Winter Clips

Getting rid of some unused clips of the past few months before someone comes to town for the weekend :wink:

Riding gets better as the video goes on.
Comments appreciated :slight_smile:

Good stuff tony. Nice to finally see some video.

Good video, I liked it.

nice work guys, cant wait to see the new stuff :slight_smile:

That was cool, thanks for sharing man. I hadn’t seen a video with you in it yet.

Hey where in Washington is that trials set-up near the end of the vid?
Wouldn’t mind checking it out next time I’m in the states.

Its called the I-5 Colonnade. Here is the website… Fun place to ride. Tons of skinnies and even a 24in muni would be fun there too on the trails.

That website has all the information. Its actually under the I-5 bridge so no matter what the conditions are its probably going to be okay to ride there.

Very nice video i’v been waiting for you to put it up. good editing too.

i recognize some those places or at least one place from defect… haha ive watched that DVD sooo many times xD

the video was great and whoever alex is… he is awesome! loved the stuff he did!

The riding by you tony was awesome to, it looks like your becoming a well rounded rider. I like that!

Awesome riding guys!

Yeah i returned to a lot of the old defect spots as they used the best venues in washington to ride haha. You may notice me from the bonus footage? i was in 4th grade then haha, had a little 16inch wheel. rode some skinnies, jumped a 3stair, and did a drop.