tonite on adam corloa adam rides a uni!

tonite on adam corloa adam rides a uni!
someo ne record this, i just saw the comecial!

Yes, he did. He rode it down two stairs on the stage successfully. Then he tried about 4 times to ride it down about a 2 foot drop from a ledge at the back of the set. Didn’t do so well then.

I have it on a DVD-VR disk. Unfortunately I managed to record it in a mode that my PC won’t read. And neither will any of my other DVD players. I can play it in the DVR that recorded the disk, but nowhere else. I’ll be able to get the clip off the DVD and onto my computer, but it will take some conflugerations on my part which will take some time. I don’t know when I’ll get around to it.

If someone else has the show recorded and can make a clip of that segment that would be cool. Otherwise I can do it but I don’t think I’ll get to it for a week or two.

I saw a glimpse of him on his unicycle in commercials for the show. It looks like a Taiwan/China cheapie with the seat way too low. Vry cool that he was trying to do “extreme” stuff on it. People didn’t even think of trying such things a few years ago… :slight_smile:

I figured out how to get the video off the odd DVD. It’s in my Monster gallery.

Clip from the show Too Late With Adam Carolla that aired on November 2, 2005.
Adam Carolla rides a unicycle as part of the show.

Time: 5:20
Size: 24.3 MB
Format: MPEG-1

Theres no unicycle riding in that clip… :thinking:

Did you watch it?
It starts off slow with a lot of talk (it is Too Late With Adam Carolla after all). About 1:45 into the clip is when the actual unicycling starts.

sry john…the clip is only like 30 sec long…its just bam talkin about a bar when he was 21

I did a test download of the file before posting to make sure that the upload was complete. It worked for me. Did you get the full 24.3 MB file? Is it a playback problem where the video just stops and won’t proceed past a certain point?

If it’s a playback problem I could try encoding it again with different parameters.

The video works fine for me. The only issue is slow seeking if you try to jump or fast forward. That’s probably and issue with VBR (variable bit rate) encoding. I could encode it with CBR (constant bit rate) if it’s causing playback problems for some people.

John, I too am having issues with the video.

About 2 seconds into it, the video stops and audio keeps going. The video never restarts.

Maybe its a funkily encoded file dealy.

i have it… its being downloaded… but its 24.3 or whatever megs…

I have put up a new version of the file. This one is CBR and hopefully won’t have the playback issues. The old version is currently hidden and will deleted from the gallery shortly.

I downloaded the new file from the gallery to verify that it got properly uploaded. And it plays fine on my computer.

New file: AdamCarolla - Too Late With Adam Carolla - Comedy Central - Nov 2 2005 CBR.mpg

Time: 5:20
Size: 24.0 MB
Format: MPEG-1 (CBR)

Let me know if there are any playback issues with this version.

i downloaded it, and about halfway through the audio and video got choppy.
luckily the unicycling parts were perfect. i wish someone would call him up and show him these videos, or send him a complimentary copy of U2 or Defect.

john youve done it…that was awsome

Muchos grassy ass on the Adam clip, Im a big fan of his, I archive Loveline!