Tom's Muni Questions??

Ok i am getting into Muni and instead of creating a new thread everytime i have a question i thought it would be easier just to create a question thread so i can post Munibits.

I have a feeling i will be asking a few.

Feel free to post your questions to.


Is there a reason Cage pedals are rare on munis? i have not seen any before.
i had a big problem with grip when i was riding earlier today. I believe the pedals where welgo (or something to that affect) does you recomend Cage pedals.

Better still, what do you find to be the grippiest pedals for muni?


The problem with cage pedals is that they bend when you smash them on rocks.

For grippy muni pedals, you want platform pedals with lots of long pegs and a good size platform. Such pedals are usually marketed for downhill mountain bikes rather than BMX.

Depends on what kind of cage pedal you get. Yes the outer cage will become concave but the pedal still works fine.

Does anybody run these on their Muni? Wellgo B36? they look real grippy and i believe they are the right size to fit on to my uni.
No one really replied before, but i desperately need pedals and i really want to do my research propaly and not end up with something expensive and only semi good… thankyou.

Wellgos tend to perform well, up until the time that the bearing retainer clip fails and the pedal falls apart. Not the most reliable MUni pedal; I generally look for pedals without sealed bearings, because most of the sealed-bearing pedals don’t have robust enough attachment mechanisms.

I’ve been pretty happy with the stock Snafus on my KH.