TomPec - " Spirit "

Hey everyone,

I made a new video called " Spirit ".

It’s on

Or on Youtube

Tell me what you guys thinks about it :wink:


CKcrowe, you might not want to watch this…

sick video man! nice tricks

One of the best unicycling videos I’ve seen.

You’re amazing at both trials and street, and the video was very well edited.

How do you download videos from the koxx one site?

That was awesome, I love your style. The rails were insane.

i liked it a lot!

i love your smoothness. your technique is incredible.
the editing was flawless.
what video editing program did you use?

Awesome riding and an excellent choice in music. I planned to use The Postal Service in my video.

That was amazing!

I was waiting for that special thing that would deserve my first post on this forum. But when I saw your video, I mean…

I got bruises on my chin cuz my jaw hit the floor too much.

Awesome Video.

That was really good…good editing…I didnt know you were that good at street too! :slight_smile: Liked it alot

best trials vid ever, in my opinion. loved the rolling hop up the quarter pipe.

yeah that was amazing especialy some of that rail stuff like riding backwards! that was rediculus!

Haha at first I just kind of laughed b/c I didn’t think the postal service would be good to put a uni vid to, but it worked pretty well. That was definatley one of the best uni vid’s I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen such balance on those rails, you definatley got those on lock.


I like the mix of street and trials, very cool.
More vids!

That was simply amazing. youre probably the BEST trials rider. your rail balance is absolutely incredible. I also really liked the double 3set. That was a HUGE gap. you could probably clear a 15 stair lol(good luck on the landing tho).

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


The only other person I’ve seen do hard trials lines w/ that kind of speed and smoothness, was Zack Baldwin. And you do a lot more tricks than he did in Defect or any of Jester’s vids.

Great video and great music. I love the like a version that Ben Folds did of the first song. Bye.

That is definitely one of the best uni videos I’ve ever seen. Certainly the best trials video.

Aside from the riding being ***ing amazing, I loved the feel of the video; the music (cool postal service remix), the fast motion scenes, the variety of angles and lenses…the editing in general was brilliant.

I love that clip of the guy standing directly in the way :slight_smile: That’s happened to me countless times.

That movie is definitely an inspiration to me.