- TomPec - 12 stair fall -

Enjoy ^^


Ouch !!! now that had to be painfull. I guess it just goes to show what distance you have to go to get great footage.

Wow, Mr Tom. That’s rather bad. You alreet?

If it makes you happy, I fell of a scooter this morning.


it made a triple fracture of the foot and he has it for 4 weeks of immobilization… you am also hurt to you in scooter? :smiley:

Oh bugger. Why does he hurt himself so?

And no, thankfully I’m fine, except for a couple of grazes and a few hyperextensions.

All the best to your recovery, Tom! I can send you a wish-well postcard if you want. PM me your address if you’re interested.

OMFG! Respect for that attempt, and you did clear it! Wow!


thats ballsy…

so if your rim garbage :sD

wow that was huge. it was like twice your height :astonished:

You go huge.

No helmet though on a 12 set? Thats just stupid. So is attempting that right before unicon.

Looks bad, is this video new? Would be a shame if you cant ride at unicon.

That looked hard on your left ankle.
12 stairs is getting to the point that you need a sloped rollout.

getting to the point”? lol. Yeah that was insane but amazing he at least went for it! It looked like the wheel tacoed a bit on impact. And no helmet is crazy for sure. And I thought an 8 set was nuts…well for an old fart I guess it is haha!:stuck_out_tongue:

If the stairs are 5", thats a 5 foot drop. You can do that to hard flat concrete without breaking the unicycle or yourself.
The horizontal motion should absorb a bit of impact if you sissor and roll out.
But usually for really big drops, its strongly advised to land on a slope.
Unfortunately, they dont make stairs like that.

Great attempt at the stairs, anyway. You totally cleared them.
I get nervious just rolling 12 stairs

crap dude.
broken ankle?

Translation :

He had a triple fracture of the left foot and can’t move for 4 weeks. Plus, he was supposed to go to the UniCon, but now can’t.

ooouuuccchhhh! That is crazy, guess where that should go! HERE!
Well I hope you fix soon, that looks painful, and without a helmet!

Well, at least you got footage of it. :roll_eyes:

But seriously, get well soon, and wear a helmet next time you go down a 12-set… if there is a next time.

Despite the fact a helmet doesn’t stop him fracturing his foot in 4 places! :smiley:

Well, yes. But I would hate for him to get brain damage next time he tries something that big. There isn’t too much you can do to stop that kind of break from that high unless the ground had soft cushiony padding all over it.

Yeah just jumping down a set that high onto your feet without body rolling out would hurt like hell.