Tomorrow I will... (unicycling)

-Pick up another unicycle.
-Pick up the frame for my mini-giraffe unicycle.
-Order fixed wheel sprocket for the said mini-giraffe unicycle (maybe).


Just ride. :sunglasses:

And maybe something else with uni.

  • Buy new Unicycle tyre
  • Feel dissatisfied because I wanted the hookworm but they were all out

Rebuild my wheel with my soon to be painted black hub and white rim strip.
It’s gonna look awesome with my white frame and white eastern plastics:)

first ride my uni a bit, practice skinnys, and then…

Build more of my Trials course
ride my trials course
Practice crank idling
look for my lost shinpads

Go to work the first time in 3 weeks… :astonished:

pick up jerrick and go get pallets
work on setting up trials course
practice flat with jerrick
get some new twisteds
jump over the park bench on video

-try to get my rolling hops to the same point as my static gaps

:angry: EHEHM Tomorow I.... (Brag Thread 4)

Well all those threads died because everyone was making too many of them there were like 10 brag threads