Tomorrow I will... (unicycling)

-Tech grind it up at my park
-Hit up Luthern church
-Fix my unicycles

-work on backwards
-call renegade back
-work on up/down stairs

jump side to side
hop off palettes

-put some grip tape on my cranks (maybe pedals)
-work on static flat
-and work on wheelwalking

-pump up my tire
-work on long jump
-180 unispin

-Put my new HD camera to the test.
-Outspin down a 3 stair.
-Attempt to Varial down a 3

Nice thread idea shaun.

-get 360 unispins consistent
-grind my backyard rails, work on high pedal grabs
-gap stuff

  • Start closing my bags;
  • Finish some sponsor stuff;
  • Buy some stuff that I need to UNICON;
  • Unlock my cellphone to work with a Denmark GSM Chip;
  • Edit some photos (uni related);
  • Say goodbye to my friend who is moving to Argentina :frowning: ;

tomorrow i’m going to work
a few months ago i - created the exact same thread lol.

-Read part of ‘to kill a mocking bird’, once i am finished i get my cf base…

hahahaha… To kill a mocking bird is a boring book… but good, just gets too realistic for my liking in points. We had to read it in class…

im also gonna
-practice gapping
-maybe film some stuff for my first video
-try 180 hoptwists

tomorrow i’m probably going to unicycle a bit after work also… Maybe budget some more money. Mainly for retirement savings, but to figure out what money i have for spending, and what money i have for saving.

Right now, i think by end of tomorrow, i’ll have enough savings to cover the percentage of my most recent paycheck.

edit: after i get all my retirement savings figured out, i think i’m gonna save all my money for the rest of the summer.

-try landing rolling wrap to backroll
-attempt inside rolls
-tighten my uni
-attempt 270 unispins

-Ride my unicycle
-Do tricks on my unicycle
-Film myself doing tricks on obstacles with my unicycle

you sir, are realistic.

(refer to my signature if confused)

finish building my new trials course.
ride the crap out of it
film for my new video.

Film something for my video!

-practice double leg wraps
-ride to school on uni

  • Hope my left leg will not hurt anymore
  • Go get pallets
  • Practice trials
  • Practice crank rolls