Tomorow I.... (Brag Thread 4)

Any plans, new tricks to learn? Post em here…

this is stupid xD

This tread doesn’t need to be stupid; it also doesn’t need to be a brag thread.

It might help people do stuff they have been meaning to do for a while. All that they need is to make a commitment that they will do something and they are much more likely to do it.

Now that I am not putting in 14 hour days at school anymore, and no-longer need to carry my full binder, Tomorrow I will start riding to class again.

If I don’t someone can throw their shoe at me (no steel toes please)

Re: Tomorow I… (Brag Thread 4)

As of thursday, I’ll be borrowing a unicycle from a buddy of mine and
learning how to ride.

I recently moved to a little town in the middle of nowhere and found a
couple kids riding and thought it would be a creative new way to hurt

That’s my goal.


Tomorrow, I will wear my KH leg armor.

Over the past week, I’ve scraped my legs and knees up pretty bad two times while learning how to control the new 100mm cranks on my 29er. 10mph makes for an ouchy boo-boo.

Tomorrow I will…sit in bed, finish my homework, wheelchair around the house and count the days 'til I can uni.

I shall try to land a crankroll, ive been trying for a week :wink:

I Will buy an ankle protector, because today i destroyed my ankle…

And i will land a 540 unispin :smiley: I’m really close to then!