Tommy's got it BAD. (ring-o-Fire).

Look what Tommy just did:


Now what am I supposed to get him for a wedding gift? Johny Cash?


Holy hell.

$222.50 for a set of tires!?! I mean I know it’s 2 tires, but that’s still over a hundred for a tire! Why are these things so much money? I see they retail for a mear $36 US. They sound like they are good trials tires from my bit of reasearch I’ve done (Lightweight and Sticky and Wide). But could someone please explaine the high pricetag on these things.


where’s the Motoglide thats came with those?

The sad thing is he probably did it for only one of the tires too.

Who cares about the tires? The name’s the thing!

is a burnin’ thing,
and it makes
a firey ring.

by wild desire,

I fell into a ring of fire!

I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire!
Went down, down, down, and the flames went higher!
And it burns, burns, burns!
The ring of fire!
The ring of fire![/B][/I]

If JC had been a unicycler, the song’s title would probably have been The Seat of Fire.
Sing it, JC!
Oh, sing it!

Still wondering about this mystery tire…Anyone?

oh i guess you had not heard,they are no longer in production.this really sucks if you have a Dyno Kruzier.

C’mon guys, you know every man heading for a hitchin’s gotta buy a pair of expensive wedding “rings”.

I would marry myself if it meant getting a pair of those.

RE: Tommy’s got it BAD. (ring-o-Fire).

> Still wondering about this mystery tire…Anyone?

I think it was a really good tire. But mostly, Kris Holm used one.