Tommorow is the day!

Tommorow I go to the bike shop to order my new Torker 20’’ unistar LX! I can’t wait! My current uni is broke, and so I couldn’t ride for about 2 weeks.:frowning: I just hope it doesn’t take too long to get here. that and the money that my grandparents fogot to bring over with my present (thier going to mail it). Actually it was my sisters fault. They were shopping and they got something for me to open along with my card. When they switched cars before they came to drop off my sister, she grabbed the present but not the card. It doesn’t matter though, I am getting a decent uni! Woohoo!:smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :smiley:

The LX is a nice ride at a reasonable price. Maybe you will not have to wait too long for it to get delivered.

Any reason why you dont get the Torker lx 26"

I think the fact he is 13 might have to do with it, so he may be a little short right now, and that maybe he wants to do more of a traisl, street, freestyle ride, instead of distance and muni, thats just a guess though.

Well, I’m not real short, I’m about 5’9’’. But yes that is what I will mostly be doing, freestyle, street, ect. I might do a muni every once in a while when we go camping or I’m going to the resivior to fish. I asked this question before, weather to get a 20’’ or a 24’’, But they said that a 20’’ would befine for an occasional muni, Especialy being that I want to do freestyle mostly. The 24’’ might be a little hard to do freestyle on, so I am going to go with the 20’’. Maybe I’ll get a knobby tire and switch back and forth.

So the Torker LX 20 inch. is good for Trials, Street and Freestyle? Because if it is i dont have to buy a trials one! They sell those at my local bike shop for $120! But i was thinking of getting a trials off the internet…for $180, The Nimbus 20 inch Trials Unicycle! Thanks!

i know how you are felling now

i already bought my Nimbus Hopley 20" from
iam just waiting for its arrive
the sheduled arrive is 06/20

i just cant wait hehe

Awesome Nimbus Hopley!!

here is the link for the hopley

is this nimbus a nice uni ?

Are you kidding me that thig is AWESOME!!!

ehhehe nice!
iam not kidding you
i dont know a lot of trials unis… really hard to see one here in brazil
i only know 2 peoples that got one

iam glad that i did a good choice

Wow awesome your from Brazil my bestfriend is from Brazil, except he lives here he is movin back soon though!

where he from here in brazil ?
he can unicycle ?

No he cant unicycle, but i am not sure where he is from i think Sao Paulo maybe, he bmx races though!

oh, i thought you were talking about the DS Lite coming out tomorrow in the States.

Video Games…i remember when i was in to them, now i just think there a waste of $$ and im 12 lmao!

I went there today to see if they could order it, and they said that if the warehouse in columbus has it in stock, they can get it within a day (:smiley: ). the warehouse isn’t open untill tuesday, and he’s going to call then. I am going to call back when I get the money from my Grandparents, and see if they have it or if they’ve ordered it yet. I can’t wait!:smiley:

Dude thats so crazy, im buying a Unicycle tommorow too, its the exact same one too! Its a Torker “Unistar” LX 20 inch! Im getting it for $130 plus tax which will be around $140 overall at my local bike shop…they helped alot today, they told me about all the different bikes, they also have a sun 20 inch, for $99.99 but its ugly, and doesnt look good. Thanks!

The Torker Unistar LX 20’’ freestyle is $99.95 on, maybe your getting overcharged? I forgot to ask the price that the bike shop sells it for, I’m going to ask when I call/he calls. You should buy it from, the shipping is only 13 bucks I think.

Yeah, but shipping on unicycle is 33 dollars and tax…so its more in the end.