Tom Pec - Unused Clips

Tom hasnt posted this and its been on youtube a while so here you go

I’ve seen it a bunch of times already.

Awesome vid. That guys is amazing

yea it’s sick, I’ve seen it before.


Liked the flip over the long 4 set and the 9 set.

Those crankflips towards the end are massive. Props for those. I just wish he didn’t over do it on that 12. Is he all healed up yet?

Great video. really good skills. And really good to hear Muse, one of the best bands in the world. nice work Tom, thanks for the ear pleasure. it’s a relief to hear good music on a unicycling video…

a perfect unicycle video!!! :slight_smile:

Tom Pec its My Hero :smiley:

That was amazing! I hope Tom is making a speedy recovery, for his own sake and I really want to see more of his riding!

sweet riding:D

umm is that kris holm team list real? so like
Max Schulze (USA)
Adrien Delecroix (France)
Christian Huriwai (New Zealand)
Dan Heaton (USA)
Spencer Hochberg (USA)
David Weichenberger (Austria)
Kelly Hickman (USA)
Pedro Tejada (Brazil)

? cos thats a pretty awesome team. luke told me he stopped his sponsorship but has shaun and fredrik as well?

It was posted by Kris and is also on his website, so it is real :wink:

The Video from Tom is awesome! As always.


Riding backwards on a skinny!?! Hes my hero!

You should check out Andrew Carter.

Wow!! thats a low seat…:smiley: