Tom Miller at The Unicycle Factory

Hi Danny.

Probably the most prolific unicycle builder in the U.S. is Tom Miller at The
Unicycle Factory, in Kokomo, Indiana. Some of his creations are outrageous, like
his wheelbarrow giraffe and ‘sneaker’ uni. Tom’s been in business for nearly 16
years. His work is considered excellent by every customer we’ve spoken to,
including John Foss and Dustin Kelm.

You can reach Tom at 765-452-2692. He charges $25 per hour, and the unicycle
folklore is free. Anyone who’s ever called Tom should be smiling by now. Yes?

Best regards, John Drummond 1-800-Unicycle

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wagonwheel uni ?

> OK guys, I know very well when unicycles were invented. I only need it to look
> plausible. I need the unicycle to look like it COULD have existed in the
> rennaissance, which it very well could have. There is no technology in the
> average unicycle which did not exist in 1533. So, anybody know who I should
> call to see about buying one, having one made or getting instructions on how
> to make one myself ?