Toker DX '06 - Frame snapped tonight

hey everyone, its another torker dx thread… and this might not help on their reputation at all…
Tonight I snapped the frame on my old torker, I couldn’t have seen it coming and like most breakages they come when you least expect them (ok maybe not like most breakages)

In anycase, i’ll upload some pics of my frame if i get round to it, however it looked pretty much like this:

except of course that mine was a three month old (almost) torker dx 20".

funny thing about this was that I was planning to sell it this month for a KH/Koxx-one mish-mash… Probly sell it with a nimbus II frame.

Hello from NZ

ive heard of a other dx that broke just like this…it was on '06 aswell…the welds at that part of the frame ar apparantly quite weak

Not '06. The “old DX” is 2005 and earlier. The 2006 trials DX frame’s are reinforced.

Please try and distiguish between the two. They’re are lots of people mixing up the old/new DX’s, and it confuses people who might want to buy one, hence the loads of “06 DX” threads/questions.

ok sorry i must have misread.

well, lets put it this way… they arent reinforced very well. :smiley:
I just noticed that i wrote “Toker” in the title. I clearly meant torker. oops

So is it the older one, or the new trials with red/black? In your first post you call it both a '06 and an older DX. Which one is it? There is a big difference.

sorry, its the red/black '06 trials uni with splined hub etc…
hope thats clear now.
uploaded image:

thats after we did a tad more damage to it…

Well that rather sucks.

Did you do anything in particlar to break it? Was their any rust inside the seat stem part, etc.?

no visible rust, it just cracked when I was stuck on a grind (wasn’t sliding) and then I taught it a lesson by tearing it right off. haha
there was just not enough welding done in the join, so it was weak… and then trials punishment caused it to weaken more

well how serious of trials were you doing…i mean jesus…it must have taken alot of ware and tare 2 get that thing broken

im quite into the trials, tho i have only had this uni for less than three months and most strain goes on the wheelset and pedals than on the frame itself…
this is either a freak occurance or a problem in frame design or build quality.

I am only moderatly hard on the uni really

so did you rip it off after it snapped, or did you get a little rage going and broke it?

rage i guess… tho i was kinda stoked about it in a way… you have to laugh or you will cry :wink:

i see lol

wow, pretty sweet.

Summits RULE

I agree:)

Especially when your selling one…:slight_smile:

ps: everyone go buy pdc’s summit

you mean summits he has a custom one on here and a stock one on e-bay.

Even if I weren’t they are about the strongest frame.