Toe warmers

Any advice on the best chemical toe warmers out there? I tried grabber today and they weren’t that great, though i’ve tried some other brand (can’t remember maybe it was grabber) before and they worked great. Maybe the pads I tried were old stock or something, or maybe since I put them in my sock it didn’t get enough air first.

we use the Little Hotties by the box up here. I don’t put them inside the sock as it says not to. If they are getting sweaty and wet they don’t last as long. we wear wool socks inside of wool felt liners, which for awhile keeps the moisture down. They last for at least 3 hours in -35 weather. We sit them on the counter for about 5 mins before using them. There are a couple of other brands for Sale on Amazon which i haven’t used. the Grabber brand don’t seem to be as good, have not done a side by side test though. Good luck keeping them warm.

Thanks, I’ll take your advice, given you’re in Alaska.