Toe Pointing for Freemount (minirock)

I have been learning to freemount using the instructions at the wobbling unicyclist web page. The instructions there say to point your non-dominant foot at the pedal. I couldn’t understand what this meant. Last night, in frustration at not being able to progress beyond 1 in 5, I tried conciously pointing my toes at the pedal before putting my dominant foot on the other pedal. It made a huge difference!!!

Now for the question: Why does this work? Is it something to do with how far forward the non-dominant foot starts out? Note: prior to this, I had always tried to ensure that my foot was in the right direction, but I didn’t “point” the toe.

Are you trying to learn to freemount that way? Or just freemount?

Personally I found freemounting a very natural progression after learning to ride. I could freemount almost directly after I learnt to ride with no real effort. (This idling thing I’m attempting is a completely different story ;))

Here’s the method I used.

Put favorite foot on pedal (at roughly 6 o’clock, maybe a bit closer towards you so that it rocks backwards), and put the seat between your legs.
Step up and forwards, place your other foot on the pedal.
Ride :slight_smile:

[Edit to actually answer the question posed, doh]

Putting your other foot in line with the other pedal will mean you’re in a better balance position (think of stepping forwards), plus there’s a more direct route from your foot to the pedal.