Toe paths..


I’m an experienced unicyclist on/off road and thinking of cycling along some canal tow paths on holiday. Having never really cycled them before due you think it would be ok on 36"? or would I be having some swimming opportunities en-route?



I regularly ride towpaths on 28, 29 and 36. Be cautious going under low bridges and be wary of dimwitted pedestrians, and people with dogs on extending leads. Other than that you should have fun.

I love the stretchy lead brigade…

“What that dog there on the end of this 50’ piece of string I’m holding? No that’s not my concern, he’s just being a dog is all. You know they like to run about. I’m sure you and everyone else can somehow make your way safely around my 100’ circle of stupidity…”

Yes I can - I can push you in the canal but due to your lovely long lead you needn’t worry about the dog getting wet. Now how do you like them apples?

Hi Hydev :slight_smile:

If I know that there is a chance of me riding on a tow path I try to google map it first to see what sort of surface there is to cycle on. Then I take my 26" or 29".
Be aware there are a few canal paths that don’t allow cyclists :slight_smile:

As Mikefule says, Watch out for numpties and don’t bang your bonce on the bridges.

Have fun !
It’s great riding on tow paths.

Thanks guys! I love that quote above :slight_smile:


Yepp I ride on towpaths a lot! Love 'em :sunglasses:

When I was primarily on my 29er, I never had a problem with bridges/crazy people, but on the 36er I have to be a bit more careful. While I CAN duck under the bridges round here, it’s a close one and I usually jump off purely out of fear :smiley:

The 36er absorbs the bumpy path a lot better than the 29er though, so much smoother ride!

Riding along a river path near Cambridge (like a tow path) I dismounted because of a large, free-range dog. Its owner drew it close to himself and said, “It’s alright, he’s tame.” I replied that I always give dogs a wide berth (especially on the riverside). In response I got, “My dog is well trained. You’re a nasty, nasty man!” Quite comical really!