Toe Clips

Has anybody had any experience in fitting toe clips to a uni ? The old Bear/Rat
trap types, I’m convinced it would give greater off road capabilities, but I’m
not sure - has anyone tried it ?

Re: Toe Clips

>Has anybody had any experience in fitting toe clips to a uni ? The old Bear/Rat
>trap types, I’m convinced it would give greater off road capabilities, but I’m
>not sure - has anyone tried it ?

Not many people answered this one, so I’ll throw in a little:

Toeclips are a great idea on bicycles, and maybe an okay idea on a unicycle
if you’re riding at a leisurely pace over familiar (and smooth) ground. I
highly don’t recommend them for high speed or off-road. This applies to
clipless as well.

Though there are a handful of people out there who have used them with success,
many others have had bad experiences. I’ve tried various clips at various times
(usually on other people’s cycles) and always ended up making a nice ground
smack at some point after I’d forgotten they were there. This also happened to
me the one time I tried riding a unicycle while riding roller skates, but that’s
another story.

Mountain unicycling master George Peck was recently talking about trying some
clipless pedals, and seemed really enthusiastic about the idea. Unfortunately I
haven’t heard a peep from him since then, so I hope he’s okay . . . :slight_smile:

My advice to people who want a sure pedal grip without giving up the
instantaneous ability to get your feet off the pedals is a simple one. Get some
really grippy pedals. The type of pedal varies according to personal taste,
experience level and environment. For trails, I use the toothiest BMX pedal I
can find. It grips my shoes great even when they’re wet or muddy. However I
would not recommend this pedal to a beginner, because they can make really nasty
abstract art in your legs.

For a rider who is trying new things (or beginner), a toothy but more moderate
pedal is advised.

If you ride indoors or are learning lots of freestyle stuff, a grippy pedal is
still important, but you may be required to use plastic (indoors) or not want to
take as much risk of shin and calf gouging. My preferred pedal for freestyle and
shows on my regular unicycle is the Semcycle deluxe pedal. I don’t know if they
still have these pedals, but it’s all plastic/rubber on the ends, and has a
mildly grippy texture. They work great as long as they’re dry.

For shoes I use a sneaker with very knobby bottom. Turf shoes (for soccer or
sports on artificial turf) are what I prefer, though they’re not nearly as
common as they were in the 80’s. I get these cheap ($20) Mac Gregor turf shoes
from Kmart when I can find them.

Happy pedaling!

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“Never two tired”

Re: Toe Clips

I have been using half toe clips for a year now. It works great. In the reain
when you pedals are slightly slippery it helps you get your foot in the right
position and for jumping it gives you more security that your foot will not just
slip off the pedal. I like then and have only fallen badly one time because of
the toe clips.

Antonio President Aggie One-Wheelers

Re: Toe Clips

In reguards to clipless pedals- They are wonderful for touring. If you shop
around you can find a multi-release clip that makes them easier to use. The
standard clip releases in only one direction. Start loose and gradually
tighten them!

Tyler Bechtel