Todays short (but a little bit better edited) video.

Here we go, it was a little bit muddy, but it was pretty good. The video is kinda short. But I think the editing is a little bit better than my last one.

Why isn’t anybody responding? Hmmmmm.

Nice riding…but you seat seems WAY low to me. Do you need it that low for the seat-out stuff you’re doing, or is it a little overkill?

That was cool. WAY more skill than me, but I’m improving.

What’s with the music though? It sounds like rapping teletubbies. :slight_smile:

yeah its a little overkill i guess. But i like it low, a lot easier for getting the seat out. Probably not good for gettin height on my hops though. its all good though

hmmm not really search the roots on google, and you will see. Scratch is the human turntable, and ?uestlove is the best drummer out there!

Nice riding but the music almost made my ears bleed. It was an awful DJ.

google: Scratch the human turntable!!!