Today's sesh


Love it, man. You’ve got the coolest style. The 7 to seat in caught with no hands and the combo right after blew my mind.

That was awesome bro, your flat is getting really creative and sick. I loved the sideways coast and that other coast was just ridiculous.

edit: are you liking the gravity round crown frame? I think I might get one

soooo sick bro! keep making mini vids cause i love it so hard

Lemme know when its on youtube, for us that’re still on broadband wood edition.

I love ridding !!!

that frame is looking pretty sweet, got one just like it haha :wink: :smiley:

Love your style Will! its so sick and clean, the tire fold scares the kajeebers out of me but it looks like you have tamed it and showed it who the boss is :sunglasses:

oohh i love it so much man

Really liked the combo starting at .46. Clean! Very good riding, i guess your hands are frozen, but still managing to do that is inspiring.

hands on head 720 landing was so nice :smiley:
creatif combos :roll_eyes: