today's muni write up...

Well today I went on a really fun muni ride at valley forge park and I had a blast during it so I thought I would make a write-up. so here it is.

I got out of the car on a small gravel parking lot. I took out my unicycle and began putting on my 661’s, I then adjusted my seat height and I was on my way. I started off slow on a gravel road with slight up hills until you hit a part called “the wall”.
I stood up and started pedaling and immediately started to lose my balance and swerve back and forth. Walkers on the trail turned around to look at me while I struggled for balance. I stopped to hop a few times then found my balance and began full speed up the hill. As I passed the pedestrians they all cheered me on

Nice going!:smiley:

whoa I just realized that somehow this got posted when I wasn’t done. Please don’t comment on this one comment on the one above this that says amazing muni write-up. Sorry there’s some kind of problem with my computer and it keeps changing windows and I probably accident clicked post before it was done. anyway the complete version is “amazing muni write-up”