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I made the paper again -this time in my own home town. The picture is not on the web link, but was taken by John Childs at CalMuni 2003 during the Downieville ride. Thanks again, JC -if you haven’t been already, you are now a published photographer.

The cool thing is, I’ve been on the phone with people who read the write-up. A guy (62yrs old now) invited me out over Thanksgiving to see his collection of unicycles -he used to have a club in this same area. A 12yr old kid who lives a few miles away has selected KH as his hero, and is waiting for his muni to arrive any day. He will be riding with me and my “club” soon.

I am, again, enjoying my five seconds of fame.

It must have been this photo. I apologize for you not being in sharp focus. The shutter speed must have been a bit slow.

That 12 year old kid should pick you as his hero. That would be far more convenient for him. Does he know that the famous Mr. Jerry Gruss has ridden trails that Kris Holm hasn’t?

Good job Jerry! That is cool that you got calls about it. All this time you have been trying to find other riders in Houston, maybe this will do it.


Well Jerry, looks as though you’re making quite a name for yourself:) You’re going to have to make a trip back to S.A. sometime soon. Our numbers are growing, we did a Muni ride a few weeks ago with a total of 6 riders from right here in town!!!

My mom saw that article in the paper and saved it out for me. I’ll see it in print when I head back for Thanksgiving.

Good going man!:slight_smile:

that is really cool. ive never been in the paper, but i was questioned on the radio about it once when i called in. I told them i ride unicycles, and they asked if they played the song i wanted, if they could have a ride on the handlebars. Kind of a dumb joke but whatever.

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Five seconds at a time is a great way to use it. That gives you 300 times before you use up your fifteen minutes! :slight_smile:

Good coverage!

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On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 03:05:50 -0600, “johnfoss” wrote:

> Five seconds at a time is a great way to use it. That gives you 300
>times before you use up your fifteen minutes! :slight_smile:

You know, John saves his fame on the Fame Bank, who pay interest over
saved / non-used fame.

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My brother and his family live in Houston. Next time I visit, we will have to go for a ride. He lives along a levy. On the other side there is a velodrome at one of the many public parks. Not sure of the name of the park. I just remember the all the great running/riding trail in the area. Someday, Atlanta will have those great riding locations as well.