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There was a photoshoot, but I haven’t seen a pic yet:

Hi Brian: The unicycle story is in today’s Hamilton Spectator. Here’s an electronic copy.

Cheers and good luck on Sunday, Lise

It was the ultimate humiliation. I was pedalling my mountain

bike up the rocky hill to the finish line of

last year’s Paris to Ancaster race when a man on

a, gulp, unicycle breezed by me.

The crowd at the finish line went wild, clapping and

cheering him on. I wasn’t so supportive.

“I can’t believe I got beaten by a #&%# unicycle,”

I grumbled to my husband afterwards.

Still, I had to admire the guy. After all, I

know how difficult those tipsy one-wheeled bikes are to master.

As I kid, I woke up one Christmas morning to

find a unicycle under the tree. It took hours of

practising before I developed enough balance and co-ordination to ride

along a smooth road.

That the Paris to Ancaster unicyclist had finished a 60-km

race on a course of rocky pathways and soupy mud

was astonishing.

I learned later there were four unicyclists in last year’s

race. Whitby area unicyclist Ryan Atkins beat me by about

two minutes. Five minutes ahead of him was London resident

Brian Mackenzie, the first unicyclist to finish. Mercifully, the other

two unicyclists were behind me.

It took Mackenzie three hours, 53 minutes to do the

race, placing 762nd out of 930 cyclists many of whom

were fit guys on expensive mountain bikes.

I wanted to learn more about this one-wheeled wonder so

I tracked him down through a race organizer.

Mackenzie, 30, is president of the London Unicycling Club ( He also just finished making a 30-minute DVD

about extreme unicycling (

The avid mountain biker took up unicycling three years ago

because he wanted to see if he could master the

tricky bike. It takes about 10 hours to learn and

many more hours to become skilled at trail riding over

logs, rocks and roots.

During the Paris to Ancaster race, he averaged 15 km

an hour. “I was pretty happy,” said Mackenzie, an Internet

technology student. “It was quicker than I was expecting.”

Unicycling is a fantastic cardio workout, he added. "It’s the

only thing I do to stay fit."

Naturally, unicycling is amazing for balance. It’s also excellent for

working the core of the body, since riders twist their

waist to manoeuvre the bike. Legs also benefit. Mackenzie, who

will ride again in this year’s Paris to Ancaster race,

practises three times a week in winter and every day

in the warm months.

Rides last anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours.

12th Annual Classic Paris to Ancaster Race

When: Sunday, April 17

Race routes: Riders have a choice – the 60-km Paris

to Ancaster race or the 30-km Harrisburg to Ancaster race.

Difficulty: Both races are billed as a family event and

are suitable for beginner to expert riders. Organizers expect to

attract more than 1,000 cyclists.

Cost: Pre-registration is $44 for either race, with an additional

$5 if busing is needed for the Paris to Ancaster

event. There’s no busing fee for the Harrisburg to Ancaster

event. Racers can enter up to the day of the

race, but the cost is higher for those signing up

on race day. For race and registration details, visit or ask at your local bike store.

Extras: Organizers provide a T-shirt for the first 500 registered

riders, lunch afterwards, emergency breakdown assistance, baggage transfer to the

finish line and chip timing to ensure accurate results.


Wow, great coverage. You guys are amazingly fit.

Riding up a small hill in the park the other day, I passed a woman about half my age who was walking her bike. I could see that her boyfriend, circling around and glancing from me to her, was struggling to keep his tongue in control. :wink:

Good job Brian and nice article. I assume that was on the Coker.


2 of us were on cokers, and 2 on 29"rs

Here’s the pic from the Hamilton Spectator.Nice going Brian.

Alright! Thanks Marty!

Hey Brian,when is the Paris-Ancaster race this year?Maybe i’ll try and get down there and cheer you on.Who else is riding?
OK the date is up there,oops.

That picture scares me! :astonished:

If ever a viking took up unicycling that’s what I imagine they would look like :slight_smile:

Way to go Brian!

It was either my beard or my clown makeup

Way to Go!!! Congrad!

That’s great, good to see they mentioned the LUC and LBM Multimedia sites too.


I was very excited about that, although I was hoping she mention that Hamilton was in the movie in Hamilton’s newspaper.

Oh well, can’t argue with that coverage!