ridin my torker cx and my pedals started to click so i took them off and the threads are totally stripped off i managed to put the petals back on so i could finish ridin for the day but i do need to repair it and im wonderin if i should really just replace the cranks or get a kh for my bday in a few days? :astonished: :thinking:

What kind of clicking?

I have a pretty much brand new LX and a few days ago one of the pedals would make a loud click once per revolution in the same spot. I dunno if what I did fixed it or of it was just in passing, but I took off the pedal and sprayed some WD40 and tried to get some into where the bearings must be. Tried it later and it hasn’t clicked since.

I’m sure most people here will tell you that if you can get something as good as a KH for your birthday, you should definitely go for it above your CX and there is no comparison.

There’s no real alternative for stripped cranks than the obvious, buy new ones. But if you can get a KH, I guarantee, you’ll be satisfied. Just be sure you put the right pedal on the right crank and left on the left. This will assure no stripping. Also, on a regular basis, you need to tighten your pedals. I try to do it about once a week if I can remember.

Pedal clicking usually doesn’t mean anything in cheap pedals, but you do need to make sure everything is well-tuned and tight if you want parts to last. The cranks stripping out isn’t due to any problem with the unicycle itself, but with how well it’s maintained.

Whether you should get a KH or not depends on what kind of riding you’re doing.

And please try to use a more descriptive title next time. “today” doesn’t really tell us anything.

is what you’re learning going to wreck your current uni

since you answered yes, get the KH, or other appropriate uni as necessary

so once per revolution there is a click i took the pedal off and it was destroyed and no the pedals actually wiggle even when tightend all the way!! im pissed cuz i just bout my unicycle at the end of september so my parents are mad they siad that you should be able to get more than a few days out of that thing.

Like I said, it’s your own fault, the pedals were obviously loose for a while when you were riding it, you ignored it, and the threads wore out.

Just buy a new pair of crank arms. A good pair of square taper cranks is about 20 bucks from bike shop probably doesn’t sell them short enough), and a pair like the kind you probably had is $12.

However, you’ll also need a crank extractor to switch them out. If you don’t have one your bike shop should be glad to help you.

I was talking about pedal clicks within the pedal. Those aren’t worth worrying about.

It sounds like you’re just learning to ride, correct? In that case the cx is fine except perhaps the uncomfortable saddle.

dude i tighten them about once a week maby more they werent loose unless they got loose from rideing that day. and no i have been rideing for about a year now.

Ah… If you have the right tools it is possible to fix stripped cranks…
My cranks were striped and my dad was able to fix them at his work (tons of tools @ his work)

Pearl Harbor Day. Fasteners. Tools.