nothing special at all, but here you go

mostly used it to figure out basic functions of premier pro cs3
i could not for the life of me get an audio fade, any tips on that?

oh, and may i suggest watching in high quality?
(right below the view counter)

awesome gaps, bu too short:p I could watch your riding all day!

What are those things that look like pallets? They bent alot, no offence.


why would he take offense to that?

He could interpret it wrong and think I’m calling him fat becaus they are bending.

if he does just tell him to take a chill pill
really nice vid!!!

I’m not sure if its diffrent from the premier pro that I’m using but you should be able to place a key in your audio frame thingo then another key and place the second key where ever you want so it fades.

Just look at what options there are in the audio timelines audio1 audio2 etc.
Not sure of a better way to explain it lol.

I’m surprised the things you used as pellets didn’t brake lol. Cool gaping technique.

those pallets are made of a plastic… they are for food at a cafeteria.
i did break a few (the sides would crack)

the comment about me taking offense to being fat made me spew soda out my nose… i’m too skinny if anything and if my 2 year old brother jumped on one of those while it was sitting on the ground the pallet thing would hit the ground in the middle…

Lol fat unicyclists.

Yeah, I need to lose a few pounds myshelf! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome riding.

Those bendy things are awesome… I have about 8 of those… but I can’t jump up them like you did… Your hops are insane.

I’ve left my pallets across the street from me outside for weeks…slowly decaying and being destroyed by the elements, I’m a bad father.

Cool vid, too short, I liked the night scenes though, not enough of those in good lighting.

those pallets are used and left out by a business… if you can call it that…
i don’t care to much about them, but i do try not to break them for the most part.

56 seconds? C’mon now thats just being lazy

I always get pumped up to ride after I watch your videos, then I remember I can’t jump as good as you.

Anyways nice 56 second tease you posted up

sick… nice… make more vids :smiley:

if you havn’t already, there are more vids on my youtube account… this is not my best…

i keep my videos this short because it leaves ppl wanting more, and i had no time to go and film the rediculous stuff.

yea i wish i could jump that well…

practice practice practice

Lol I’m the same.

I never hesitate when it comes to grinding/pedal grabing something in a public area that looks relatively brakeable. :o

If you come to my town you’ll see marks on everything. Its a small town and I use every little thing I’ve got.