today we may be out of the dark ages

this will bring us all one step closer to paradise!

finally! Bolts,not nuts…

time to chuck that Suzie into the abyss forever…

That’s old news. They have been selling them in New Zealand for ages. Good though eh? It makes buying a crappy Unicycle worthwhile because you can get the hardened hub upgrade for only NZ$15.

it isnt old news here though.

Cool!!! I just ordered two. I hope I like them. $30 with bearings is a pretty good deal.


Thank you Roger.

Now where is the 48 spoke version. :slight_smile:

Will it fit a DM Ringmaster Advanced?
Is it designed to fit in frames that fit a Suzue hub?

So, how long until we can start buying uni’s fitted with this hub?


That really is pretty. That’s it.

Hmm, maybe I do need anohter uni now…

Thank you for posting this news, I was just putting in an order now that the 28" Yuni frames are back in stock.

I think they’re a little wider than the suzue. Same size as the standard non-hardened hubs on cheap unis.

Is it wider than a schwinn hub? I was under the impression that schwinn hubs were as wide as they get. Is it STRONGER than a schwinn hub? could this be a candidate for the next rebuild of the LOTUS?


I won’t have my hubs until the end of the week, but I found some info while poking around on the spoke calculator page. I don’t know what the bearing spacing is, but here is what I found out about the flange spacing; hub:
hub flange diameter=55.8
hub flange width=71.3

Suzue hub:
hub flange diameter=63.9
hub flange width=62

Profile hub:
hub flange diameter=54
hub flange width=65

Schwinn hub:
hub flange diameter=72.1
hub flange width=74.6

So… the flange width is almost as wide as the Schwinn, but the bearing width may be a little wider, since the hub will have a shoulder for the bearings to seat against, where the Schwinn hubs do not.

later… Joe

My Schwinn hub that I got from has a flange diameter of 66mm, and 82mm flange width measured center-to-center of the flanges.

don’t quote me on this but i think the bearing spacing, centre to centre, on the new hub is exectly the same as the suzue so it will fit the nimbus/yuni frames but the flange to flange is much wider (refer to Mojoe’s thread), to make the whole wheel alot stronger.

i think i read somewhere it’s 20% stronger than the suzue as well.


That is strange… I just measured the Schwinn hub I bought off eBay and the flange width 74.6mm, but the flange diameter is 66mm like yours.

weird… Joe

Numbers Numbers Numbers…

The hub has the same bearing centres as all the standard Taiwanise hubs (which incidently is meant to be 100mm centres, I can give any one the CAD drawing if they are really interested). This means that it should be able to replace them without any problem. But… The Suze has about 12mm narrower hub.

The flange is as far out as it can me made and fit those bearing and fit all standard spokes and frames… the exception is the lollypop. :slight_smile:

If you need to change the width of your frame I have a new page:

As for when unicycles appear with these hubs on. All the Trainer, Nimbus’s (I + II + Muni) come with this hub on it. That includes the 48 spoked version on the Nimbus’s (but I forgot to order those as spares). Out of interest we have CrMO hubs on the Dodgers as well but without wide flanges. Also the same technology is used on the Kris Holm Freestyle.

If you are wondering why they are not advertised as having them in all cases it is because we have old stock, so they must be sold first as I am not increasing the price… and yes they did cost me a lot more! but I believe this is need so we care covering the cost of this increase in quality.


Bummer. :frowning:
It won’t fit in my DM Ringmaster Advanced.

Sweet! The frame bending FAQ.

I’m not going to do that to my DM Ringmaster Advanced.

I also would not bend the DM Ringmaster Advanced unless I had to. It is worth knowing that you can though, I have had to do it on one that had a bearing slipping out. It does move but boy is that frame stiff!