Today is the big day!

I just cant wait… its 00 am here and my new unicycle Nimbus Hopley will be on my hands today at 8 pm!
omg… will be so nice open that box and see every single part together and omg… i cant wait.

i just cant sleep

i will return with pics

Usually not every part are together, youll have to put on the pedals and seat. =p

My friend is planning to buy the same uni, it looks great, hope it rides just as well. =p

oh… i was ancious to have it all dismounted
but nice… the first ride will be more easier

yes i am planning on buying it=p

is this one

my chiiiillllld

and i taked the KH fusion cover seat

Thats a awesome uni, post some pictures.

an acident

there was some missing parts

4 screws and another seat… a nimbus gel seat
but i can find screws

the unicycle is just beatifull and got some nice parts like splined quax1 cranks and a nice splined Kris holms hub
i going to post pictures later

and iam already trying contact with to get the missing parts. :frowning:


getting a new unicycle is like getting into a sweet orgastic haze of FUN!!!

Bom proveito picado fritão!!!

yea! i just got a email from UDC and they are sending the parts that was missing

nice! i love that guys!

Too bad!!

You get all excited and ready to ride but then you have to wait longer. :frowning:

can you keep the gel seat? post pics! I’m trying to get one of my friends to buy that uni. how does the frame look?

oh hello
iam back with the picures of Nimbus Hopley unicycle
i was trying to upload but the gallery was not working

so the pics is here

Nice, I remember how I was so excited about a new unicycle and parts, it is a truly awesome experience. I actually can’t believe how UDC are managing to build up these strong trials unis for such a good price. I used to have the exact same wheel as you, and I built it up myself, it’s a very tough wheelset, you won’t break the rim especially.

Anyway have fun on it. I’m sure I’ll be having the same sleepless feeling of unrest when my Koxx ISIS wheel is set to come, once Roger has all the parts in stock later this week! :slight_smile:

EDIT: oh yeah mate, you must flip over the bolts clamping the wheel to the frame. Have the round flat side underneath, facing the ground, so when you do failed pedal stalls, bad crank stalls, and sloppy grinds, you don’t destroy the bolt ends as they will be facing up.