Today I want to land

I just thought of making a thread where you can write stuff you want to learn/get more consistent.
This could also be a good place to give tips on tricks if you got tips on a trick someone want to land.

I’ll start out with my list:
360 (late) flips.
varial flips
540 hoptwists
backrev out grinds

Could probably write a much longer list, but these are the tricks I wonna learn most!

I’d like to grind a handrail… I’m seriously terrified though, had a bad bail once. Any tips for getting over my fear?

If you want to get over the fear of eating it on a handrail just pretty much except that you are going to get hurt. Once you achieve that thought take a few deeps breathes and think all your actions through your head. Handrails are a mental thing honestly. Then just commit to the rail 100%

The best thing that worked for me was just getting use to the fact that I will have a few bad bails with rails and that I will get hurt. Once I got use to that fact rails became much easier. Remember though, 100% COMMITMENT

Awesome threat! This one may not die! :smiley:
Thanks for the tips Jacob. I don’t have much experience with rails.

I want to try to get this tricks constant,
Tripple down sets or curb

I’ve got a little probrem with grinding. I’m grinding on my left side and jump with my left foot back and right foot forward (like Colby, Kelly or Chris). And when I grind a handrail, them most of the time the rail comes between my wheel and crank.
Does anyone have some tips to avoid this?

Alright, thanks for this. I can really kill it on flat rails and slanted skate rails, but since I broke my wrist on a handrail a while back I just haven’t been able to go for it again.

treyflip (consistent)
smallflip (consistent)
inward smallflip
inward smallsideflip
double flip
trey- and hickflip from a 2 set
I’m in a flip fase now :roll_eyes:

Tomorrow I will get at least one 720!
I will also see if I can get my revflips consistent on flat :slight_smile:

Tricks I maybe will do tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:
450 to tire
540 side
another fifth

…my feet. I’m sorry. I felt like I had to.

Ho. It is a lonely life as a pirate.

Buhaha, I was thinking that.
Well I’m too new of a rider to land any tricks, so if there is any landing going on, it’s me on the ground. :wink:

Some switch foot trials! :smiley:
Hope to get more than 75cm (which is my record). And maybe like 60cm over bar!

a 180 spin. it seems to be the bane of my existence

Great thread. Next time Im at a particular 6 set handrail I will grind it and commit 100%.
Cheers Jacob and people :smiley: