Today I....(non-brag)

The brag thread and many other threads have several posts that would fit nicely in here.

Today I discovered a quadruple 4 set by the college campus, gapped some stuff, rode some skinnies, grinded, and ran away when the skatepark got flooded with about 3 jerks/square meter.

Then I got home, stacked some pallets, set up some obstacles, and ran away when it got too hot outside.

I got my Nimbus!! woot!! yay thi is way better than my old one!!

Ehehm! :angry:

Did you read what I said about the tire?

yes i did but I can’t get a wider rim because I’m broke and i just bought a new nimbus and I understand the psi thing but compared to my luns @ 23 psi it folds easily.

and great thread !!!

Where? The only one I’ve seen had a 12 set leading into it, and maybe 3/4 rev runway between sets :roll_eyes:

today i sat on my lazy butt and thought about going to uni but was too tired.

Today I sprained one of my ankles practicing 360 unispins again.

Today I failed to do a unispin.

Seriously, I’ve spent 2 hours just trying to jump off the pedals and land back on…
I’ve landed a few, but not consistently…

Do I just suck?

nope i cant do them either. i have been riding for a few years.

i can grind, jump high enough, drop low enough, rolling hop long enough, side hop far enough and all that jazz.

that being said i havn’t ridden for a month. i am in here to brag! i am going for one of them today, a ride that is. delicious.

today i saw batman dark knight

today i got my first pinch flat on a pre hop I had 28 psi

Today i landed a 360 unispin for about 1/10 second before I fell on my butt.

I also got hit by a car driven by an old lady talking on her cell phone while smoking. I now have stitches in my right leg and a sprained left ankle.

But its okay because that Fay storm thing delayed the start of school:)

thats one of those questions…
if you ask it then you do suck.

At least you’re honest. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling I’ll be able to get that 90 degree thing onto the wheel soon. So I won’t feel so bad about not getting unispins. :slight_smile:

that is a unispin, just a 90 degree one;)

He could be doing a body varial…and also you can hop up onto the wheel without turning much but your feet.

Today I terrorized 3 neighborhoods on my Nimbus.

today, I thought of a new flatland move for spencer hochberg to try

Today I will hopefully be able to do my homework simultaneously with practicing crankflips and unispins…