today i landed

today i landed these

90° flip…

nice crankflips :stuck_out_tongue:

Good gall. Y’all are being jerks. The kids obviously trying to do 180 flips. Who gives a crap if they’re not 180 flips. Jeez give the kid some props for going out and trying. My lanta. Nice one, bro!

Well put Colby. Instead of just pointing out the obvious, try give constructive critique with those kinds of comments. When I first did 180 flips I did 90’s aswell.

You’ll get them bro, 90 flips are the first step, just keep practicing. Try ride faster into them and swing your arm more for a full 180, also try turn slightly before you flip.

Aardbeien vla… :stuck_out_tongue:

wrong today i landed :stuck_out_tongue:
but thanks for posting

@uniboyle: sorry for that mean post :o

Whoops, yeah, wrong one…:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry.
And nice trick Uniboyle! My first ones were like 70 degrees. :stuck_out_tongue: Good job.