Today I Cokered & met another unicyclist!!!!!!!!

This afternoon once I finished all the working on the shop, I finally got a chance to try my 3 month old “virgin” Coker. While attempting to freemount it in front of the house, a lady drove up and parked across the street and watched as I tried a few times. After about my third somewhat successful attempt, she yelled out of her car window “can I try that?”
I asked if she had ever ridden a uni before and as she got out, she replied that she used to ride many years ago. I told she was welcome to try if she’d allow me to get one of my other smaller sizes out for her to try. First she tried my 28’r with 140mm cranks and stuggled quite a bit. I told to wait a minute as I retrieved my 24x3 MUni from out of the shop and told her give that one a try. Within minutes, she was freemounting it and riding about 50-60 feet as I was quickly learning to freemount and ride the Coker. Sherry was riding to the end of the block and around the corner a very short time after that.
I found freemounting the Coker wasn’t as bad as I expected once I got over the intimidating leap onto the “Big One”. Sherry had to leave after about 30 minutes of practicing and I had to quit to run some errands, but at least I got to ride it and met another unicyclist in the process. You never know when they’ll just pop up :smiley: :smiley:

Here’s a pic of me on the Coker:

cokering 2.jpg

Sherry on the MUni:

sherry muni.jpg

Me and Sherry:

cokering with sherry.jpg


In both senses of the word.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

That was cool. Thanks for the photos. Hopefully you’ll get to ride with her again.

She said she wants to get back into it. Sherry had to leave while I was riding around the block and gave her phone number to my wife. We’ll be riding again

Hey Kenny, good job on the Coker, and on finding another unicyclist! Glad your hand healed up. Be careful up there.


Thanks, Scott. I’m gonna try to ride it a little after work the rest of the week. I hope it doesn’t screw up my MUni riding abilities (lacking as they already are) since I’m planning on heading up to Comfort for the “Riders on the STORM” mtb race this weekend. How are you healing, hope to be riding with ya’ again soon :slight_smile:

Kenny - is that a strange camera angle or do you have the steepest hill in Texas right outside your front door? J/K :slight_smile:

I’m flying out to Dallas on Monday and staying for a week. I’m bummed I won’t have time to hook up with any other riders. Someday I’m going to give my California Native girlfriend a tour of the Motherland and hope to also make it a MUni tour. Until then I expect all of you to be at Cal Muni Weekend :slight_smile:


on that same note, my neighbor asked if he could try my uni the other day… he got on and started riding in circles

you never know when they’ll just pop up… i’ve met about 7 people passing by who all “used to ride” it’s crazy

I can’t believe you are going to be that close and not come see us! Of course I can’t ride, and I have a very busy work week this week, but it would be good to see you. Let me know if your plans change.

Kenny, I wish I were riding Comfort with you. I am healing great and building my leg up, but it will be almost 3 more months till I muni.


I think the camera angle might make the hill a little steeper than it really is. It is a pretty good incline, though. When I would ride my mountain bike to the local trails, I would leave the house and head straight up that hill. I would be a little winded by the time I got to the top, but never really paid much attention to the angle until you mentioned it!!!

Glad to hear your recovery is going well, look forward to riding with ya’ again!!!